Occasional Litter



Cavalier King Charles/Coton de Tulear
Our “Cavatons” have wormed their way right into the hearts of many families. One of the parents of a Cavaton is a non shedding, Coton de Tulear while the other parent is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These babies carry the cavalier markings, yet will not shed like a cavalier does. Their haircoat will be fluffier than that of a Cavalier. Many families prefer Cavatons – more colorful than a white Coton, yet who can beat that Cavalier personality? The Coton haircoat blends well with the Cavalier haircoat. A Cavaton will need regular grooming sessions including weekly brushing and clipping sessions at the grooming parlor.We have found their adult body weight to be on the upper end of that of the Cavalier, meaning in the 16-18 pound range.We are able to register this litter with ACHC, thus insuring that you are indeed getting a Cavaton from two registered, purebred dogs both of whom carry three generation pedigrees.

havatons Havaton
The popularity of our “Havatons” has grown immensely. They have a striking purebred registered Havanese parent as well as an imported purebred registered white Coton de Tulear parent. Given their parents’ purebred registered status, these puppies are eligible for registration with the ACHC. The Havanese and the Coton de Tulear stem from the same roots (the Bichon family) and mimic each other in size, stature, personality, playfulness, obedience, training, etc. The Havanese often adds color to the mix as most generally Cotons are white.



Shih Tzu/Coton de Tulear
In the family of the fluffy sweet teddy bear like puppies, with just a bit more class. Wonderful puppies with a Shih Tzu parent & Coton de Tulear parent. One of the fantastic qualities of these wonderful companions of course is their clean non shedding coats which are a thick mass of ultra soft Coton hair which is generally kept in relatively short, “puppy cut” style. They have a wonderful sense of playfulness & a great love of toys as the Cotons do as well as a snuggly side from the Shih Tzus. They are friendly, highly social, kid friendly, sturdy, calm dog which are truly a great mix. You will enjoy the length of nose that the Coton brings to the mix as the Teddy Bears will not have the snort & sinus problems that some Shih Tzus can. Their noses and faces are not extremely long on the other hand either, giving them a plump, full teddy bear appearance.

shih-tzu-havanese Shih Tzu/Havanese
These little dolls are quiet special. They have the awesome splash of coloration that both the Havanese and the Shih Tzu bring to the cross.This cross is created by mating a Shih Tzu and a Havanese- creating a beautiful mix of markings. Crossing with a non shedding Havanese and a non shedding Shih Tzu makes for a clean house. As an easy keeper, these tykes will need to be brushed once or twice a week~ making for great bonding time. The Havanese has the longer nose, bringing out the nose of the Shih Tzu to avoid any sinus or nasal snort.