Do you show in the AKC ring?

I grew up in the show ring exhibiting swine, cattle and Arabian horses so am not a foreigner to competition. At the present time I am a full time mom of three children. It is my wish to show once my kids are grown. We are striving to produce a top quality pet, some of which may have what it takes to enter the show ring.

 Are the parents on site?

YES! Each of my parent stock has a name, a personality unique to only them, and a special spot in our hearts. They are microchipped for positive identification as required by AKC and our state kennel license, but never referred to as a number. Many have had their share of time in the back yard or in our homes. All are “social butterflies” and enjoy visits by our own children/grandchildren as well as friends who come to play.

 Can we visit your kennel?

You are welcome to come on site to view the puppies and the parents with an appointment. Outsiders are never allowed in the kennel itself as it it environmentally controlled, sanitized, and a place of relaxation for those inside with small babies.

 Is your kennel vet inspected?

YES! Our veterinarian comes on site to inspect our operation, complete health checks on the babies, assist in difficult deliveries, and provide advice as needed.

 What type of guarantee do you offer? What do you require of new owners?

We have a contract to protect you as a buyer and let you know what guarantee we offer. Download a PDF of our Health Guarantee.

 Do you offer references?

 We are always thrilled to share the names and emails of families who home our babies. You are also welcome to contact our veterinarian if you so desire. We hope that you too will someday serve as a reference for us.

 You will find it is our dogs who are attending training classes. It is our dogs who are working as therapy dogs in our nations mentally challenged nursing facilities. It is our dogs who are working as helper dogs for cancer stricken patients. It is our dogs who have called 911 to save the lives of their companions. It is our dogs who are living in the homes with their autistic friends. It is our dogs who are bellying up to the puppy cafe bars. We would be thrilled to make one of OUR dogs, YOUR dog.


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 What is the difference between a limited registration and a full registration?

 Generally a limited registration is what is desired by all pet owners. A limited registration allows you to register your new puppy with the same registry that his/her parents are registered with. You have the ability to do agility and obedience within the show ring as well as becoming a therapy dog. We ask that your new puppy be spayed or neutered. In the unlikely event that your puppy does produce offspring, their offspring will be ineligible for registration unless a correction form is requested from us and filed with the registry. Of course additional payments are required at that time.

Full registration is desired by those wishing to show and/or breed their puppy. A full registration allows you complete control of when/if you desire to breed your dog or bitch and you may show in confirmation events along with the agility and obedience.

What is the additional fee for full registration?

We ask for an additional fee of $250.00 for full registration. Full registration is generally available, but do ask before making a purchase.

How do you ship a puppy to me? How much will this cost?

  • By Air

We make all arrangements for your baby’s day of travel. Unfortunately, it is not quite as easy as just checking flights on the internet as not all airline carriers specialize in the handling of pets. It is only the largest of aircrafts that have the specialized areas built in that are climate controlled and pressurized for our dear puppies. These larger aircrafts must fly into a larger airport to deliver your puppy to you. Pets do not fly on weekends.

 We charge a $50 shipping preparation fee. We then purchase a heavy duty airline approved kennel for your pet to arrive in, set up all of the arrangements, provide a moisture protected packet of paperwork, suggested readings, vet inspection sheets, etc and make the long trip to the airport and back. Pets generally depart early in the morning.

 Airlines require prepayment of the flight. Therefore, the cost of the flight will be included in your final payment to us.

They will leave from Omaha’s Epply Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska. They will be checked in at our local cargo office and kept there until the plane is ready. Once ready, they will be taken planeside and placed into a special area underneath the pilots which is pressurized and temperature controlled. They will usually have one plane change between destinations and do very well.

 You will usually go to the airline’s cargo office to meet your newest family member, although we email all specific directions to you along with flight numbers and details. Actual flight costs range from $125-$195 depending upon weight and airport of destination.

  • By Land

    The Eppley Express shuttle van is a van carrying human passengers to and from the Omaha, Nebraska airport. They make the trek across the state of Nebraska daily with stops in York, Grand Island and Kearney. They will graciously accept a reservation for a puppy to travel with them for a low fee.

    If you reside in a neighboring state west or south of Nebraska this may cut many miles off of your trip.

    Here’s their current travel chart:






    Pick Up in York

    Omaha to York

    2:00PM (CST) 4:10PM (CST) Daily except Sundays

    Holiday Inn just off I-80



    Leave Arrive Frequency

    Pick Up in Grand Island

    Omaha to Grand Island

    2:00PM (CST) 4:50PM (CST) Daily except Sundays

    Bosselman Truck Stop, just off I-80




    Arrive Frequency

    Pick Up in Kearney

    Omaha to Kearney

    2:00PM (CST) 5:35PM (CST) Daily except Sundays

    Country Inn & Suites, just off I-80


    The shuttle will not wait on you. You will need to be at the destination a few minutes early to allow for easy transfer.

    A word to the wise: If you are not in the Central Standard Time Zone, please remember to change your clocks so that you are meeting the shuttle at the correct time. We are in the Central Standard Time Zone.