About Us

Do you show your dogs?

I grew up in the show ring exhibiting swine, cattle and Arabian horses so am not a foreigner to competition. At the present time I am a full time mom of three children. I do have handlers with my dogs in the show ring throughout the year.  It is my wish to show once my kids are grown. We are striving to produce a top quality pet, some of which may have what it takes to enter the show ring.


Are the parents of the puppies on site?

YES! Each of my parent stock has a name, a personality unique to only them, and a special spot in our hearts. They are microchipped for positive identification as required by AKC and our state kennel license, but never referred to as a number. Many have had their share of time in the back yard or in our homes. All are “social butterflies” and enjoy visits by our own children/grandchildren as well as friends who come to play


Is your kennel vet inspected?

YES! Our veterinarian comes on site to inspect our operation, complete health checks on the babies, assist in difficult deliveries, and provide advice as needed.


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