Travel Arrangements

What are the travel options?


If you are from a distance we will make airline arrangements to your nearest airport. However, we do appreciate several airport options if there are several in your driving area. Some airports are heat/cold protected, while others are not. If your puppy is traveling on an ideal day we don’t have to worry about that, but often we are watching the temperatures in order to make a decision as to what airport would be the best for your puppy to have as a destination.

Should the weather be chilly and you would like your puppy to travel wearing a hoodie fleece sweatshirt, simply ask. They are reasonably priced in our store.

Remember that making flight reservations is not as simple as checking out the flights online. Not all airlines accept pets, not all flights accept pets, not all airports accept pets. So if there is only one flight a day available on the airline we must use, to the airport we must use, we do ask you to be flexible in your schedule. We normally travel to the airport once a week, on Thursdays.

Normally those flights can be booked about a week in advance. The airlines must also record the expected temperatures when making the booking and the forecast must be within a week to make that booking.


Meeting us:

We do welcome you to make a scenic drive to meet us and your new puppy. If you are making travel arrangements please do remember to check in with us to make sure the date and time will fit into our busy schedule as well. Folks have found our beautiful farm to be a real eye opener into country life. We are not available on Sundays.


We can also meet you at the airport if you would like to fly into Omaha Nebraska (OMA). Again just let us know the date and time that your flight will arrive and we will be there. You can most often make a turn around flight the same day. The Omaha airport is very small (you can see from one end of it to the other) so meeting is not a problem. We are not available on Sundays.


We are not available to make a drive to meet you. Again, I have chosen this as my full time career and in between care of the dogs/puppies, entertaining visitors and keeping up with doctors/therapy for my high needs family I am not able to leave.


The Eppley Express:

The Eppley Express shuttle van is a van carrying human passengers to and from the Omaha, Nebraska airport. They make the trek across the state of Nebraska daily with stops in York, Grand Island and Kearney. They will graciously accept a reservation for a puppy to travel with them for a low fee. In order to use this service, the puppy must be in a kennel and so the $50 shipping prep/new kennel fee does apply in this case.

If you reside in a neighboring state west or south of Nebraska this may cut many miles off of your trip. We are not available on Sundays.


Here’s their current travel chart:


  Leave Arrive Frequency

Pick Up in York

Omaha to York

2:00PM (CST) 4:10PM (CST) Daily except Sundays Holiday Inn just off I-80


  Leave Arrive Frequency

Pick Up in Grand Island

Omaha to Grand Island

2:00PM (CST) 4:50PM (CST) Daily except Sundays Bosselman Truck Stop, just off I-80


  Leave Arrive Frequency

Pick Up in Kearney

Omaha to Kearney

2:00PM (CST) 5:35PM (CST) Daily except Sundays Country Inn & Suites, just off I-80


The shuttle will not wait on you. You will need to be at the destination a few minutes early to allow for easy transfer.

A word to the wise: If you are not in the Central Standard Time Zone, please remember to change your clocks so that you are meeting the shuttle at the correct time. We are in the Central Standard Time Zone.

If your pet is traveling in the cool spring, chilly fall or the cold blast of winter, he/she may appreciate a sweatshirt. Pick out a sweatshirt to have your puppy travel in and we will put it on your puppy at the time of departure! Visit our store to make this possible.