A First Class Breeder! It took me over 1 year to research the Coton breed and make a decision. Then I began the breeder research. I live in Nebraska and really did not want to travel to several states to meet the various breeders that were highly recommended. Then I stumbled onto Barb at Heartland Classics through a friend whose daughter got their Coton from her.

And how convenient to have a first class breeder and business woman in my own backyard, only a1 hour drive away! So the rest of my search and process of waiting for a Coton is now history.

We picked up Shay’s Charley yesterday, December 2nd. He is a very healthy, perfect male Coton. He was already litter box trained and is proving to be the perfect dog for our little 2 unit family. We expected a sleepless, restless first night. BUT NOT AT ALL. We heard rustling around a couple of times, but only to use the litter box and get some water and food.

I am so impressed with Barb’s using litter boxes with her moms and their litters of pups. We have had not one accident in nearly 24 hrs since we picked him up and he goes into his pen to use his box! He even prefers to nap and rest in his large playpen. He really does know he has his own “house”. Because he was raised with his mother and littermates this way, he is a dream puppy to have.

Thank you Barb for your dedication to your dogs and their litters. You are providing the best care ever. Charley has been given an identification chip, kept up with his puppy vaccinations and health checks. So we didn’t have to worry about “catching up” with vaccinations and health issues. We have our new vet/health check on Monday. We are confident he will be given an A++ report. Reviewer: Judy and Ed Stribley, 12/3/16

After four years of not having a SCWT I found my dream puppy on line with Heartland Classics.
From my first email to inquire
of the beautiful pup I saw ,to ten days later when he arrived safe and sound and happy on a United flight here in Maine I would give this kennel and Barb a five star rating, A thousand thanks. My puppy is perfection personified. Reviewer: Marti Reed, 12/2/16

We adopted our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, “Theodore”, in September. He was flown on a pet friendly airline. He was clean and very happy! He is wonderful the sweetest, smartest fur baby. My vet was extremely impressed with Heartland classics. I would recommend this breeder! Reviewer: Amy Moore, 29Dec16

Happy Birthday to MULDER. Our wheaten is one year old today. He came to us in February to Florida via airlift from Heartland Classics. He is our first dog in 33 years of marriage. The first few weeks were a bit challenging, lots of work…definitely like having a baby all over again. The rewards have been amazing. He cracks us up every day. For some anecdotal stories of our adventures and what it’s been like, I refer you to my ebook at Reviewer:Steve Kessinger, 11/28/16

What a great experience! If you’re reading my review you are doing a good amount of research like myself before you make a big decision getting a new pup. After extensive research and looking at different breeders around the midwest for a Wheaten, I came across heartland classics. Let me first start off my saying how fast Barb was to my emails and questions! She was extremely detailed when I asked for more info and was very kind and helpful when making our decision for our pup! The process was very very smooth; no confusion or gray area. We told her when we would be arriving and she had our pup George(Whiskey) ready when we walked in. Barb was extremely friendly as we chatted for about 45min about our new pup and introduced us to his parents.
The whole process was very professional; she had detailed paperwork ready for us with microchipping, vet clinic copies and when to get vaccinations and even a small brochure that can help the initial puppy biting phase. She even hooks you up with a puppy starter package for a good price relative to to a local pet store price! We are extremely into our puppy and we get nothing but compliments and loving from other people when we take him out with us. George was FANTASTIC in the car ride home (about 2 and a half hours), and couldn’t get enough of our attention the whole way home. HE IS SO SOFT OMG HE IS LIKE A TEDDY BEAR! Hahaha. Stop looking for other places to get your puppy, he was extremely healthy per veterinarian, and is full of energy love. Drop Barb a line and get your new family member, you won’t regret! Reviewer: Cory Bayless, 23Jan16

Abbi flew in to our arms safe & sound! We chose to have a our new baby girl, Abbi, flown in to us! Everything went so smoothly. Barb took care of everything! All we had to do was show up at the freight desk and provide identification and there she was our beautiful new baby wheaten, Abbi! The crate she was delivered in was nice quality and secure with a bottle water dispenser attached. Abbi was not stressed at all but of course eager to get into our arms. Barb also securely attached the paperwork and food packets on top of the crate for us. Trust me, we debated whether flying was okay for a puppy and it couldn’t have went better or been any easier.

We lost our two 14 year old miniature schnauzers, Spago & Piper, to cancer in April within 14 hours apart of each other and it was devastating. We still have our 10 year old schnauzer, Chloe (who has cancer as well) and she became very depressed having lost her two best friends so suddenly, so we decided to get Leonardo, a miniature schnauzer puppy to help keep her company. Well, Leo was a little too much company for her, so we then chose to find Leo a playmate. I had always wanted a wheaten and we were searching through and were fortunate to find heartland classics. I looked at all the available wheaten puppies and took the time to review the parents backgrounds and read the reviews as well. When I found Abbi (Matisse), I knew she was the one and put a deposit down on her right away. It was pretty neat to watch her grow through the pictures that Barb provided via email to us every 2 weeks.

I look forward to the adventures of Abbi & Leo throughout the years!

Thank you Barb & Heartland Classics for everything! Reveiwer: Laura Bean, 11/22/2016

Cassie is wonderful. She couldn’t make me happier.
She is my first dog. When my daughter got married, I found myself alone and lonely. I researched dogs that were good in apartments, not because I live in an apartment, but because I wanted that kind of temperament. I planned to take her to work daily.

Heartland Classics did a great job of keeping me up to date on her growth and milestones while I waited for her to come home. I was head over heels in love with her before she arrived. I was leery about her traveling alone from Nebraska to California, but I had no choice at the time. She did great, even with a delay when changing flights. As soon as the animal receiving officer opened the door to her crate, she crawled out to me and didn’t leave me for several hours. I had arranged for a ride to the airport so that I could give her my attention and comfort on the ride home.

Cassie started going to work with me right away. She basks in the attention. The kids all want to pet her and the adults consider her a company mascot. When she gets tired of the attention, she just goes to her crate or under my desk since she knows I won’t let the kids follow her – she can get peace there.

Cassie was well socialized with people and small dogs. Big dogs give her pause, but we are working on that. She was healthy and responded well to the vet and groomer. She does well in training classes. I think she must have been the stubborn one of the litter (she had 3 brothers). As she is now in adolescence, she is definitely living up to the reputation of preteens. It’s a good thing she is cute! From the beginning she didn’t like the litter box, but got 50% housebroken within a couple of weeks. 75% by 3 months, and is sitting firmly at 90 – 95% trained at 11 months. I swear it is an adolescent thing at this point. I think training is going to be a life long project because she loves to learn. She just chooses what “sticks”. I figured out that if I let go of whatever is not sticking and revisit it later, she does fine. I have recommended Heartland Classics to several people. I had contacted several California breeders who didn’t find it necessary to get back to me. Heartland responded to my inquiry within 12 hours and always got back to me when I had questions about Cassie’s progress report. They even started calling her by the name I gave her so she already knew her name when she came home. If I ever get another dog, and I am thinking about it, I will come back to Heartland. Reviewer: Sharon Torrano, 11/2/16

Head over heals in love with Maggie Mae, our Soft-Coated Wheaten! We have rescued a lot of dogs over the course of our marriage. I love them all. Many of them were older dogs and we didn’t get to spend very many years with them. We haven’t been without a dog since 1988. During the last month, we lost our last two dogs within weeks of each other. We had decided we were ready to get a puppy for a change, but now the big decision, what kind. We wanted one that didn’t shed or that didn’t shed much. We needed a dog to like other dogs because we go on hikes with our friends and their dogs here in Colorado. I have always loved Terriers since growing up with a Wire Haired Fox Terrier. However, many of the Terrier breeds said that the males might not get along with other males. Then I came across the Soft Coated Wheaten and it sounded like the perfect fit. I also did a lot of reading about the Irish coat vs the American coat and my husband and I both agreed we wanted the Irish. When I found Barb’s site I was a little skeptical that it could be a puppy mill. So, I continued doing research and found her A+ rating with the BBB and no complaints. The only BLOGs I found were discussions where people just speculated Heartland Classics was a puppy mill, but, no one presented any proof. When I talked to Barb on the phone, I immediately felt very comfortable and promptly put a deposit on a female with the Irish coat. We told her we could drive from Colorado that weekend and pick our new puppy up.

When we arrived at her wonderful farm and saw our baby for the first time, it was instant love! Barb gave us fantastic information about her and her Irish coat, which is a rarity in the U.S. She let us know to carefully screen for groomers because many of them do not know how to properly take care of the Irish coat. Our baby, who we named Maggie Mae, is such a well-adjusted puppy! We were unsure how our 11 hour drive home the next day would be since she had never been in a car. Wow, she was incredible! We put a doggie bed on the back seat and we left Nebraska at 1:30AM. She peacefully slept almost half the trip. The other half, I put her in my lap and if she got a little squirmy, I gave her a toy to chew on. She never got car sick and the next day after we got home, we took her on a short ride to town to make sure she knew not all car trips would be so long. She never had a problem with getting back in the car.

She has met our neighbor’s Golden Doodle, Harley and they have already become great friends. We have walked around our quiet neighborhood with her off the leash and she just runs circles around us, never straying too far and always looking back to see where we are. I cannot express enough how impressed we are with her and with Heartland Classics. It was definitely worth the drive from Colorado to Nebraska to get this beautiful and loving puppy! Reviewer: Linda McMillin, 10/20/16

Love our Havaton! We have had our little”Riley” for 6 months and he has been wonderful from the first day! He was easy to house train and loves meeting people and other dogs. Barb sent us pictures every couple of weeks after his birth, it was a joy to receive those and see his development .Our vet was very impressed with him and declared him to be in excellent condition and up-to-date with his vaccinations! This little pup constantly makes us smile and laugh. We are always asked where we found such a cute little dog and we are more than happy to give out the contact information for Heartland Classics! Thank you again! Reviewer: Chuck Wilhelm, 10/16/16

Our soft coated wheaten Terrier “Teddie”
First time seeing ft coated Wheaten Terrier. First I found this page and immediately contacted Barb- she is the most awesome breeder ever. I had been following a wheaten group and knew I wanted to add a Wheatie to our family – I was so nervous wanting to make sure he would be very healthy and have a great personality ! Barb patiently took the time to answer all my questions helping me to select a Wheatie puppy – I explained to beer it would be impossible for me to drive from
Mississippi to pick him up – I finally selected our baby and immediately named him Teddie! I worried about some people telling me how sick there puppy was when they flew him – I will honestly say Teddie made the flight and I was at the airport so excited along with my husband as we waited for our baby boy to meet us! He jumped right into our arms – giving us kisses ! I will honestly say this little boy was the happiest baby boy I ever met. His personality is a 10. He loves everyone and loves his big sister Boo ( giant Schnauzer – Teddie loves riding in the car – has been swimming every single day of his life – he will turn 2 in February 2017- everyone that meets Teddie falls in love with his personality and compliments him being sooo beautiful. Our life with Teddie is everything and more. I will buy again from Barb – love love the time she gave to me ( I called all the time checking on Teddie and she never once made me feel bad about being so excited over our soon to be Baby boy – I look forward to the day that we can have another wheaten terrier. – not one time has Teddie been sick not even a ear infection ! I can’t thank Heartland enough for helping me to pick out our baby boy that would be surrounded by many people and young grandchildren. The only thing Teddie hasn’t done is to write his name ! Thank you again for allowing me to share our life with our Teddie – did I tell you how much we live this baby boy Teddie ? Selecting a Wheatie was the best choice and we have absolutely no regrets. ! Barb is the most awesome patient lady I ever talked too – answering my millions of questions. Actions speak louder than words was proven over and over – if there was. Place – I would add pictures of my handsome Prince – Reviewer: Billie Latham, 10/13/16

In love with my Coton de Tulear! I am absolutely thrilled with my new Coton puppy, Louie! I was very skeptical about buying from an online breeder but after reading many, many positive reviews and contacting a few folks I decided to go with Heartland Classics. Barb was wonderful throughout the entire process. She always responded to my emails quickly (within hours) and provided a great deal of information along the way. When I decided to adopt Louie she sent me more pictures of him as well as profiles on his parents. I looked forward to the “Pupdate” emails she sent every two weeks that included current pictures and an update on how Louie was doing. I was a little nervous about having to fly my puppy all the way to Virginia but he arrived clean, healthy and happy as a clam! He has adjusted well during his first week in his new home with only a few accidents (mostly my fault for not keeping a closer eye on him!). I expected to be up all night with him the first few nights but to my surprise he slept through the night without a peep. Louie is smart, sweet, affectionate, playful and adorable! I highly recommend Heartland Classics! Reviewer: Merry Skillen, 10/7/16

Great breeder, great dog! I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect family dog on shelter websites. After realizing that with the allergies in our family, that a shelter dog wasn’t feasible for us, I began looking at different low-shed/low-dander breeds and different breeders. I feel that I made a fantastic choice in picking a Wheaton terrier and Heartland Classics. Barb and David helped Bosley get to our home by arranging his flight. Since arriving, Bosley has fit into our family so well that it’s like he was meant to be here! He has a wonderful temperament, and is a happy, healthy dog. Heartland Classics did a wonderful job not only in breeding these fantastic dogs, but in getting the dog to us: Bosley was comfortable in a well-equipped crate (food, water, and shredded paper). The puppy guidebook that they send with the new puppy is worth it’s weight in gold too. Thank you!
Reviewer: Kim Dahl, 10/1/16

Great breeder, great dog! I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect family dog on shelter websites. After realizing that with the allergies in our family, that a shelter dog wasn’t feasible for us, I began looking at different low-shed/low-dander breeds and different breeders. I feel that I made a fantastic choice in picking a Wheaton terrier and Heartland Classics. Barb and David helped Bosley get to our home by arranging his flight. Since arriving, Bosley has fit into our family so well that it’s like he was meant to be here! He has a wonderful temperament, and is a happy, healthy dog. Heartland Classics did a wonderful job not only in breeding these fantastic dogs, but in getting the dog to us: Bosley was comfortable in a well-equipped crate (food, water, and shredded paper). The puppy guidebook that they send with the new puppy is worth it’s weight in gold too. Thank you!
Reviewer: Kim Dahl, 10/1/16

Murphy joined our family two days ago, we couldn’t be happier. He is our fourth wheaten over the past thirty years. Previously, we have dealt with two other breeders and far and away Barb and David are the very best. The others were very good and we had a good experience with both, But Barb and David are in a league entirely they’re own. They care deeply about their dogs and it shows. We visited them twice and both times found dogs that were healthy, happy, and clean. We also found a very professional operation that was thoroughly invested in the success of the new wheaten owners and the future of their puppies. No detail was overlooked. We had a stock of dog things at home waiting for Murphy, but we went ahead and got the puppy starter kit anyway. I highly recommend any new owner do the same. Sure we doubled up on a few things, but the kit as a whole is a terrific bargin and really well thought out. Perhaps the most valuable item, second only to Murphy, is the info pamphlet that Barb has authored. It is pure gold. Covers all the essential items and answers any questions you might have. Wheatens are wonderful dogs–Barb and David are doing a terrific job bringing them into this world. Thank you so very much, Reviewer: Spence and Dell Cameron, 9/29/16

BENTLEY, wheaten terrier! Barb was very thorough and informative. She gave suggestions and supplied us with all Vet records. BENTLEY was checked by our Vet and everything was perfect. Wheatons, especially puppies, require a lot of patience as they are extremely active and puppies are nippy. They are also very intelligent. Bentley was flown to us on two flights. Barb did all the arrangements, we did not have to do anything except pick up our pup. It was flawless. In one week, the dog can sit, lay down, walks well on a leash, working on potty training. Puppy eats so much you have to take them out SEVERAL times. We love our puppy. It is a lot of work but we know in the end it will all be worth it. I would recommend Barb at Heartland Classics to anyone looking for a puppy. You see when you receive your puppy all the love they give to their pups.
Thank you so much Barb for all the time you spent on the phone with me answering my questions and for giving us a healthy, happy, active puppy. Reviewer: Bonnie Wharton, 9/27/16

Just wanted to thank you again for providing my family with our awesome puppy.
We have had Keevah for 5 weeks. She is very intelligent (she knows how to sit and lay down), loving, bold (as long as she’s in her fenced in yard!!), playful, an expert greeter and is well on her way to being house trained!!
She has the wonderful wheaten mixture of being loving, mischievous and highly trainable. She is going to grow up to be an excellent representation of her breed. Everyone she meets gets a wheaten welcome and falls in love with her.
Don’t stop breeding this awesome breed!!
Thanks again

Highly recommend! Amazing place, amazing dogs and most important Barb and her husband are amazing!
We have had our Wheaton now for a month and you can tell that Barb does a lot with these puppies. We met our puppy when she was about 2 weeks old, the next 7 weeks were long but Barb would email us pictures and new things our puppy was doing. The day we picked her up Barb was holding her and she had a cute bow in, we were very very excited! Heartland classics raises healthy adorable dogs! We will never buy a dog from anywhere else! Reviewer: Bill and Monica Scholting

Phenomenal Experience!! I happened upon the listing for my Wheaten, Frazier, Friday afternoon. Saturday morning I drove the five hours to the kennel and picked up my darling boy. What an amazingly beautiful facility Heartland Classics is!!! Everyone was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable…you can certainly tell how much they care for their animals, as well as the future of the puppies. Frazier is such a wonderful puppy, and has adjusted to his new home life with such ease. He loves playing with my two daughters, as well as my other two dogs. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across Heartland Classics, and I’m incredibly grateful to provide Frazier with his forever home. Out of five stars, Heartland Classics deserves ten! Reviewer: Ashley Johnson, 9/14/16

We have named our puppy “Puca,” which is the name of an Irish mythological creature. We brought her to our vet’s yesterday where she enjoyed a romp with the resident cat, got a glowing report from the doctor and lots of attention from the staff. The vet also told us your thoroughness in preparing documents and the puppy were exemplary, so thank you for that.

Puca has settled in remarkably well in the first day-and-a-half, and has been welcomed by our family, including a careful but rigorous welcome from our eight-year-old grandson who has two dogs of his own. She has yet to have an accident in the house, is outgoing, curious and loves to play. We understand that the ease with which she is assimilating speaks to your work with her, and we are very grateful for that as it makes for an easy transition for all.

In short, we couldn’t be more pleased with our new Wheaton!


Francis & Lynne Marzilli

From Nebraska to New York
We bought a wheaten from Barb anticipating a lovely new puppy based upon all of the positive reviews. We were not disappointed. Toby flew in on schedule and was a breeze to pick up at LaGuardia Airport, NY. He was clean as a whistle which was amazing considering the long day and the two flights. Toby is almost 5 months old now and he gets along great with the family and strangers alike. His trainer said that she had never seen a wheaten who is as calm as him. I take this as a great compliment to the breeders and of course to his furry parents, Gaby and Major, of Heartland Classics. I thank Barb for all her guidance and for helping us complete the family with our second dog. Toby and his furry sister Ava have their moments, but are getting along better each day. Reviewer:Karen James, 9/19/16

Great experience! After deciding to add another Wheaten Terrier to our family, we agreed that getting a puppy would provide a nice sweet sixteen present for our daughter.

Although we rescued our first Wheaten, adopting a puppy within the time frame we had, was nearly impossible. We wanted to make sure someone would be home to care and train the new puppy and the summer provided us with that window.

After an exhausting search or rescues and breeders, Heartland Classics was recommended to us from our daughters friend. They had obtained their Wheaten at Heartland after thoroughly researching their options and were pleased with the experience and their puppy.

Our experience was fantastic as well. We received consistent, accurate information and options and most importantly, a perfect puppy.

We have had Bailey almost a week now and she is great! Practically house trained already, sleeps well in her crate, after a difficult first night and the vet gave her a clean bill of health. The trip to the vet was almost a waste as she was up to date on everything and looked great!

Purchasing a puppy and having it flown to you can be a scary proposition, we had our reservations. All I can offer is our heartfelt recommendation that our experience could not have been better! Reviewer: Christopher Wilkie, 7/27/16

Perfect puppy! We decided on a Wheaton terrier from heartland classics after we had two friends that had a fabulous experience. We picked out a female Wheaton that we named Scout. Since we were all the way in Massachusetts we couldn’t visit Scout. Barb was amazing to work with long distance. She would respond almost immediately to our questions via email. We felt confident and comfortable throughout the entire experience. Scout was flown to us on July 7 and we picked her up at the airport. All went well and as expected. Now we are getting to know our new friend! She is a beautiful and energetic puppy who my husband, children and I adore. Thank you Barb! Reviewer: Kristin Soares, 7/9/16

Definitely recommend Heartland Classics! We are very happy with our new Shih Tzu/ Coton puppy named Sammie. We brought her home a few days ago, and she has been doing well from the very beginning. She seemed to enjoy the two hour car ride. She has a very, very nice personality and enjoys every person in our family and our house and our backyard. She doesn’t seem worried but seems well-adjusted and eager to learn new things and ready to try anything. We went first to Heartland Classics to visit Sammie, and then back to pick her up a few weeks later. Both times they were extremely helpful and answered all our questions. And they clearly care about their puppies very much. I definitely recommend Heartland Classics. Reviewer: Mary Cooney, 7/8/16

My best friend! A Hearland Classic Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier flew into New York from Nebraska. She was well dressed and sent to us with much care. We named her Darla and she is not only beautiful but more importantly healthy. She is now 3 1/2 years old. Wheaten’s so need consistent training and reassurance and we did put effort into her training. She is friendly to all, animal and humans, gentle, though clumsy with her funny antics, and we couldn’t asked for a better companion. Thank you! Reviewer: Cynthia Crockford, 6/30/16

Wonderful wiggly wheaten! My friend and I flew from Florida to Nebraska to get my sweet wheaten from heartland classics….my boy, dude, is everything I was hoping he would be. He’s a cute, fluffy, wiggly, baby… The vet was super impressed with the records provided by Barb, she said he is perfect and very healthy and very smart ( had to throw in that last part lol.) He had no separation anxiety, which I can only attribute to the preparation taken at heartland. The facility/ farm is just beautiful…such a great experience, I can’t say enough good things. 😉 Thanks Barb for my new friend…ps Omaha is adorable
Dude, born 5-5-16 , Reviewer: Shelly Hunter, Florida, 6/30/16

Perfect Puppy! Finn (Coton De Tulear/Shih Tzu) has been part of the family for a few months now and he is absolutely wonderful! I live in Louisiana so I was a little concerned about how the whole long distance purchasing would go, but Hearland Classics made it a very easy and smooth process. the level of communication was great, I received an email with photos of the litter when they were born and received photo updates every 2 weeks with updates on Finn’s growth process. Barb was quick to address any questions I had and even made some last minute adjustments to Finn’s travel plans when we ran into a snag with the airline. It was very apparent that Finn was loved and well taken care of, when he arrived at the airport he was calm and content and was happy to be picked up, held, and have his belly rubbed! I really appreciated that he was so well socialized and clearly had very frequent human interaction. The paperwork sent with him on his crate was very well organized, there were duplicates of everything (one for myself and one for the vet) of registration, vaccination history, ect…were all together with a small sample of the food he had been eating to help transition him. He is a happy, healthy puppy, very well behaved and very smart! I was so happy with the experience I recommended Heartland Classics to a co-worker and now they are on the list for an upcoming litter! Reviewer: John Taylor, 6/20/16

Over the moon! If you desire a Wheaten, want the best, and do your homework you will be led to Barb and Heartland Classics. A little over a year ago I decided I wanted to get a Wheaten. I made sure to take my time and find the right breeder. I have to say that I found quite a few here in the Midwest that I liked, but Barb and Heartland took the cake. I picked up little Mia a little over two weeks ago and I can’t put into words how happy I am! The pedigree of her pups, the socialization prior to ownership, the love and care they receive are all evident! Any questions or concerns you may have can and will be addressed by Barb. It was important to me that I got a pup from a breeder that was passionate, caring, and reputable. If you share those desires look no further than Barb at Heartland Classics. I absolutely love my little girl Mia and will forever be thankful to Barb for her. Reviewer: Max Laitner 6/18/16

Annie and Oakley: Teddy Bear Puppies Born 01 April 2016 to Maxine and Jigsaw!

Love at first sight but enchantment forever! Annie & Oakley are settling in nicely now that they are in their forever home. Their first “get to know me” visit with the vet went very well. Both puppies were very well behaved for their check up. I may have to be vigilant the no one on staff at the vet hospital tries to abduct them!
Heartland Classics was recommended to me by a good friend whose “best dogs” have been Heartland Classics puppies. The Saturday we picked up Annie and Oakley, we met 2 other people who had flown into Omaha from Florida just to pick up their Wheaton puppy! Wow Barb’s puppies go all over the country! Interestingly, while I was at Petsmart, the day after bringing Annie and Oakley home, I struck up a conversation with another family who was shopping for a puppy they were going to pick up the following day. They mentioned their puppy was a Coton de Tulear. I asked if their puppy was coming from Heartland Classics. Indeed he was!
Thank you, Heartland Classics for working with Annie and Oakley on name recognition, manners and socialization. It is very clear that each puppy knows their name and has been “started” in a loving but structured manner. You can be sure that we will be sending our friends to you when they are looking for their forever puppy! Reviewer: Jenne Vandeveer, 06/15/2016

Wonderful, Lovable Puppies! We are so happy to have found Heartland Classics and Barb! We brought home our two Wheatens a few weeks ago and are thrilled with their ready ability to socialize with us, our friends, and the great number of other dogs in our neighborhood. The compassion with which Barb, her family, and the staff at Heartland raised our little ones is evident, and we’re very thankful! Reviewer: Patrick and Gail Shaw, 5/24/16

Heartland Classics is the best! I have been meaning to leave this review for months. However, I’ve been super busy with my new puppy! We adopted a Portuguese water dog from Barb in February. He is a wonderful addition to our family. At first I was a little apprehensive about purchasing a dog from out of state, especially one that we didn’t meet prior. I was even more apprehensive about him traveling in an airplane, we live in New York. All apprehension was gone immediately when he was in our arms. Barb did a great job making sure his travel crate was cozy and warm. He arrived in a cute blue sweater and happy as can be! Barb answered all of our questions promptly and was very educated, kind and caring. PWD’s are definitely energetic, dogs, but very trainable, smart and loyal. Not to mention they have comical personalities. My vet was very impressed by how healthy and strong Lincoln was! He continues to thrive! He is also very social with other dogs and people of all ages. He joins us daily in our swimming pool for relaxation, but also keeps us active with a good game of frisbee! Thanks Barb for giving us a perfect addition to our family. We are even considering getting another PWD! Heartland Classics is the best! Reviewer: Jennifer Scholz, 6/5/16

Fantastic Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier! Our Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is a fantastic addition to our family. He’s a beautiful dog, well socialized, smart, and has a wonderful personality. He’s an absolute joy!

Additionally, Barb is extremely knowledgeable and is very prompt with all communication. She is a high quality breeder and it’s apparent in the attention to detail and care she puts into her dogs. It was fantastic working with Barb throughout the entire process.

It was great to receive pictures/updates and she made the delivery process very easy. Yes, he took a puppy flight (which went very smooth) and he adjusted quite nicely to our family. It was a very positive experience. We are beyond thrilled with our puppy!

I would highly recommend Heartland Classics! Reviewer: Amber Burke, 06/03/2016

Puppy Love! We picked up our adorable Coton from Barb on May 21st, and we couldn’t be happier. He has the sweetest temperament, and absolutely loves my 12 year old daughter. We were a bit nervous to purchase an out-of-state puppy (we’re from Seattle), but after calling area veterinarians and finding out that Barb has a great reputation we decided to go for it! It was a fantastic decision! Our dog did great on the plane, he traveled with us in the cabin, and has transitioned into our family without any issues. We loved how prompt Barb was in answering our questions, and her photos and puppy updates made the entire process really fun! I highly recommend Heartland Classics; they are great people who know how to treat their dogs and clients! Reviewer: Toni Burnett, 5/31/16

Love Our New Wheaten! We adopted our new Wheaten on 5/12/16. He is the second we purchased from Barb. The whole process very easy and Barb was so great at answering all of our questions. We received updated photos & progress every two weeks.I would recommend Heartland Classics to anyone interested in adding a new dog to their family!! Reviewer: Tracy Bissey, 5/22/16

Smitten with our Coton! We adopted a gorgeous Coton de Tulear puppy in April 2016 from Barb. We received updated pictures and a bit about her development every other week. Barb was kind enough to answer any questions we had in a timely fashion. Our puppy has been wonderful from the day we picked her up. She was kennel trained from the start and was house broken within a week. She sleeps through the night without a peep! She is well socialized, smart and great with people of all ages as well as other dogs. Our first vet visit was perfect! All paperwork was precise and the vet was impressed with the detailed records and the impeccable health of the puppy. It is more than apparent that Barb is raising well cared for and healthy puppies. I would not hesitate to recommend Barb and her puppies to other families (we have received many compliments on our beautiful puppy) and would definitely buy from her again. Thank you Barb!!!
(I wish I could attach a picture of sweet Ruby, she is adorable!) Reviewer: Kristin Farson, 5/17/16

A Big Thank You from New Hampshire. I highly recommend Hartland Classic’s to anyone that is interested in adopting a puppy. I talked with Barb about the process and how Avalon,(renamed Autumn) would get home. Autumn is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. It was exciting to watch the flight from Omaha to O’Hara then to Manchester Regional Airport in NH. When Autumn arrived I was amazed on how clean and beautiful she is. Barb defiantly takes pride in raising her puppies. We also received baby pictures and current photos of Autumn, along with vet reports. Thank you once again for a wonderful little puppy. Reveiwer: Dottie Garon, 5/16/16

Our Wonderful Wheaten! My husband and I got married in August 2015 and with money that we got for the wedding we decided that we were going to extend our family by four paws. We did a lot of research and decided that a Wheaten terrier was the perfect fit for our family. I had grown up with small dogs (a bichon and a shih tzu-bichon mix) and my husband had a black lab. It was important to me to have a dog that didn’t shed fur all over the house and it was important for him to have a mid-large size dog.

Once we had picked our breed we found Heartland Classics online. We read through a lot of reviews and decided that this was where we needed to go to get our new puppy. Our transition into “parenthood” went about as smoothly as we could have imagined. We live in the Minneapolis area, we decided that we were going to drive to Nebraska to get pick up Winston. We had arranged a time to meet and the transaction and paperwork took less than an hour.

One thing I need to express here aside from gushing about how much I love Winston and how great he is (as I will do below) is something that our vet told us at the initial wellness visit. She said that in the many years that she has been treating animals she has never seen such detailed vaccination papers and documentation. It is also worth noticing that dogs are not ready to separated from their mother and siblings until 9-10 weeks of age. Even that extra week can make a difference. She said that that speaks volumes about the credibility of the breeder. It shows that the breeder is in this not for the money but for the love of animals and to give people the love that only a dog can give them.

Life after picking up Winston has been great, although a little crazy at times. He is fiercely loyal and loving. He is energetic and playful and loves to play catch in the backyard. He is quick to learn new things (potty training done in less than a week!) and as hard as it is to believe, going to the vet and the groomers are among his favorite places to go. He does wonderful in the car and is well socialized. He does well with small dogs and bigger children and will run and play as much as you let him. When we first got him, he was very adventurous and independent. I was so sad that he was not a cuddler but he’s getting better, especially since we cut his fur short for the summer. He loves his kiddie pool out int he backyard and is ready for lake season.

As I’m sure many have read, a Wheaten is not perfect and there are things that we personally are working on. We have not been able to break Winston of his “Wheaten greeting” quite yet. It is getting better. He does wonderful with babies, but toddlers and smaller children require our constant attention. He gets excited and jumps on kids to say hello and doesn’t realize that he is bigger and stronger than they are. When going for walks he jumps at dogs and people on bikes to try to get their attention and to play. He is also submissive towards men and will pee on the floor when they come into our house. This is less of a problem with women and we are hoping that he grows out of this. He leaves large puddles of water and trails to the next room after getting a drink and he loves gardening especially along the fence. Most of these are small annoyances that we are working on. We love him all the same. Talk about a big personality. Reviewer: Shea Abrahamson, 5/9/16

Happy & Healthy Coton! I adopted my Coton de Tulear from Heartland Classics. Barb is wonderful in communication and answering any questions. Pictures are sent every two weeks as well as all emails are answered within a few hours. My puppy flew home and I was a bit anxious about it all, but Barb gave me all the information I needed before the flight. When I picked her up I was SO HAPPY and very impressed. She was clean, the crate was clean with all the paperwork in order. I picked her up yesterday and took her to her first vet visit today. I wanted her to meet the vet before there was a “need” so she would have a good first experience and to get her started on her check up schedule. The vet was pleased with the care received and records provided. My puppy is very healthy. She is a very well adapted puppy; it is obvious she has had a lot of human interaction and stimulation which is a positive thing. She uses her litter box and slept wonderfully through the night with no whining. I cannot say enough good things about my experience adopting from Heartland Classics. I have friends looking to adopt and I will refer them to Heartland. Me and my baby girl are both very happy. Thank you!! Reveiwer: Amy Arnold, 5/4/16

We adopted our little Havanese the 2nd of April. The whole experience was a great one. Barb always responded very promptly and answered all questions I had. We got new pictures of her every 2 weeks, that was fun to see her grow. We live about 7 hours away from Heartland Classics and decided to make the drive to pick up our puppy. We stayed the night in Lincoln and when we got to Barbs place she had everything in order and ready to go. She took the time to answer any questions we had. The store she has onsite is very well stocked and has great prices. She had everything we needed for our new little girl. Barb even took the time to show me some of the other breeds they raises. On our way home the trip went so good with the puppy being litter box trained. We set her litter box up in the trunk and stopped to let her go to the bathroom and just put her in the litter box. To our surprise she went potty in it!!! We didn’t want to expose her to anything until she had all her shots. So if you are considering a puppy from Heartland Classics and not sure you want to do the flight/shipping make the drive. We seen some pretty country side and small towns we probably would have never seen. We will recommend Barb and Hartland Classics in the future. Thanks Barb for our new family member! Reviewer: Sherry Salvador, 4/27/15

In Love with our Coton! We welcomed our beautiful Coton into our home in Feb and fell in love with her immediately! Heartland Classics is a top notch breeder and I’m extremely impressed with how organized Barb is. She made the process so easy, always answering my emails and calls quickly. Mila came into our home pretty much litter box trained and slept in her kennel with no whining from the first night on. She’s a happy, playful and healthy puppy! We’ve been so thrilled with the experience, we are planning on adding another Coton to our family from Heartland this summer. Thanks Barb for sharing such wonderful puppies with the world. Reviewer: Genise Bald 4/26/16

In Love with Our Perfect Havanese Puppy from Heartland Classics
We adopted our newest family member, Piper a little Havanese puppy from Heartland and could not be happier. Barb was great and super communicative, she answered all of my questions and always in a timely fashion. We received picture updates of our fur baby every two weeks on the dot and it was great to watch her grow. We had our puppy flown to us in New York, and Barb was very on top of it. Even when there was a problem with Piper’s flight, Barb handled it and re-booked her on another airline so we still received her the day we were supposed to. Our baby is very well behaved, basically potty trained, and was given a 100% checkup by our vet. We lover her to death and cant recommend Barb and Heartland Classics enough. Thank you! Reviewer: Breanna Pugh, 4/25/16

Love my Puppy!!! I’ve been wanting a puppy for quite some time and finally decided on a Wheaten Terrier! After searching the internet I found Heartland Classics. I can’t put in words how lucky I feel getting a great puppy and great breeder! I live all the way in Cleveland, Ohio and Barb made the shipping process so easy. She answers any and every question you have! Never did I think I’d ever receive a dog as a shipment, but it was a great experience. I will refer Heartland to all my friends and 100% will buy from Barb again in the future. Thank you again! Reviewer: Cornez Garrett, 3/27/2016

We can not thank Barb/Heartland Classics enough for the best experience with the entire puppy process. After speaking at length to Barb, we selected our PWD puppy over the phone. Anxiously awaiting “Jolly Piper’s” arrival, we received accurate, thorough communications (and education on preparation for our puppy) as well as picture updates. Our puppy was then flown to us in NC – the process/flight was flawless. We have a healthy puppy that is perfect for our family. Props to Heartland Classics! Reviewer: Buffy Lich, 3/23/16

We just recently picked up our new Wheaten pup. She is in good health and the vet said she is well bred and in excellent health. We had such a great experience with our “Sassy” that we strongly urge others to get their new “pet” from Heartland Classics.
Chris, 3/21/16

SCWT! Just purchased my second puppy from Barb and each time the dogs were flown to my home. Everything was flawless and the dogs are always in excellent condition. I would not think of getting a dog anywhere else. Love their temperament. Reviewer: Cheryl Lewis, March 20, 2016

We brought home our Shih Tzu/Coton du Tulears, Cubby, more than a year ago. He’s a beautiful dog who has been a great addition to our family. Social and energetic, sweet and cuddly. We love him so much that I may be contacting Barb about a sidekick for him in the coming months. Reviewer: Chris Doell 3/19/16

Our new SCWT big adventure from Lyons, NE to Wall, NJ
My brother and his wife who live in Florida told us about Heartland Classics as they put down two deposits on a future litter. We had lost our second Wheaten this past November. I visited the Heartland website and there was Daisy (we now call her Harlee). She was very cute and we feel in love with her right away. We live in NJ (Exit 98) and yes I was very worried about our new family member flying; not one flight but two. I said to myself that Barb does this all the time and there should be nothing to worry about and both flights were right on time and I could track Harlee as well. When Harlee reached us at the Newark Airport, she did exactly what Barb said; once we got her out of the crate, she gave us lots of love. Harlee is also doing wonderful at night in her crate and I give credit to Barb as she did say that Harlee would be in a crate the last week by herself. Harlee is now a Jersey Girl. Reviewer: Nancy Brown, Mar. 13, 2016

A Doodle to Love This review is long overdue, but it is another glowing one for Barb and Heartland. My F1b goldendoodle Bentley was born on 5/2/15 at 12 ounces. He is now 10 months and weighs 65 pounds. At our first trip to our vet, Dr. Van Horne remarked on his good health and breeding. The vet and tech also laughed through the exam as Bentley slept through the whole thing, lifting his little head only when the doctor checked to see if his “pennies were in his coin purses.” He is healthy, happy, too smart, loving,busy, a little ornery, and I am smitten! He makes me laugh every day. He loves everyone and all the neighbor doggies. He is quite the hit on Facebook where I regularly report his latest antics. His color remains dark apricot….and I get comments on how gorgeous he is whenever we are walking on the trail or shopping for toys and treats. If I decide to add to our family, I will be buying from Barb. Thanks, Ginger, 3/9/16

Dallas: Our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier! We were worried to have our baby sent long distance on a plane (we live in Rhode Island), but after finally meeting our precious little Dallas it was definitely worth it and we have no regrets! He cuddled and warmed right up to us as soon as we picked him up from the airport. As soon as we got him home it was like he had been with us forever! He definitely knew he was finally home :). He is an amazing little boy, already getting the hang of potty training and loves his crate (he slept in it without crying the first night!) I highly recommend anyone looking for a little companion to consider Heartland Classics, Barb is wonderful and you get satisfaction from knowing how much she truly adores her animals. Reviewer: Alyssa Castriotta, 3/4/16

Wheaten Puppy Arrived to New Home in Canada! We picked up our new wheaten puppy Dixie/now Bella from the Seattle airport just last night. She was so happy to see us and took to us and our grandson immediately. Once home to Canada she also took to our existing Wheaten we have at home. You can tell she has been well socialized with not only litter mates and mom but humans as well. Even after the long day in the crate Bella was non the worse for wear. Heartland Classics is very professional and you can tell they have heart as well. Reviewer: Janice Lonnqvist, 3/4/16

Sweet Tony Thank you for sharing your beautiful “fur babies” with the world. We picked up Tony, a Havanese, last Friday and have enjoyed every minute with him. He is learning the ways of our home and is such a smart puppy. Even our 6 year old Havanese, Suzy, thinks Tony is alright! It was fun to choose him online and then receive updated pictures of him each week until we were able to take him home. Your location was easy to find and was clean and neat. I can tell that you care for these puppies as much as we do! We are delighted to have Tony join our family and will certainly share your information with anyone seeking a forever friend! Reviewer: Joni Adler, 2/17/16

Sweetest, Cutest, Puppy Ever! Mani the Coton de Tulear!
When I learned about the Coton personality I knew it was the breed for me. I was so happy when I stumbled upon Heartland Classics on the Internet! My little Mani (known to Heartland as Isaac) was born in August 2015. He is the sweetest little bundle of joy imaginable! He arrived on the plane and was a bit scared, but the blankets Barb was kind enough to get Mani’s mother’s scent on helped him to feel more at home. He came to work with me every day until he was nearly 6 months old and is very popular and well loved by my coworkers. Actually he is a real hit wherever I take him! So many people have said he is the cutest puppy they have ever seen and I must agree. I really appreciate the good socialization that Barb and her staff do with her puppies. Mani has not been afraid of anyone; he absolutely loves meeting people and other dogs! What I really wanted was a healthy, sweet, smart puppy and that is exactly what I got. I have recommended Barb to many people when they stop to admire Mani and he is a real magnet! Heartland Classics is a great place to adopt a wonderful pet. Getting updates and photos of my little guy was awesome and I was totally smitten with him before he even came home! Reviewer: Sharanya Johnson, 2/17/16

More than we imagined!
My mom and dad live in Nebraska and were purchasing 2 Havanese puppies from Heartland Classics. I had been looking for a Havanese puppy in Northeast Ohio and had no luck finding exactly what I was looking for. I called and spoke to Barb and was sold. We purchased Tia and she flew to Ohio just in time for Valentines Day. If anyone is looking for the dad of the year trophy, Tia made sure that it made its home in Ohio this year! 🙂

Tia is beautiful and everything that I was hoping for. The hardest part of the whole process was signing up for PayPal. We will start with Heartland Classics for all future puppy needs. Reviewer: Josh Becking 02/16/2016

Over the moon in Montana! I have wanted a smaller breed of dog for quite some time. I bought books, researched the Internet, but it wasn’t until I saw an episode on animal planet that showcased a Coton de Tulear litter that I fell in love with their personality. That was at least 1 and 1/2 years ago. I began researching breeders in December, and Heartland Classics was recommended on the website I was at. I’m so pleased that I purchased Lewie through Heartland Classics!!!!! I am over the moon in love with Lewie!! Thank you Barb for taking such good care of him and all your litter babies! You can tell he was well cared for. Lewie adjusted immediately and our three cats accepted him as well. I’m so impressed with his temperament and how easygoing he is. We live in Montana so we had concerns with how we were getting our puppy, but Barb made the whole process easy! From the flight here to books on caring for our first Coton to the puppy care package I am just so thrilled we went with Barb and her team at Heartland Classics. We highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy to consider Heartland! We are happy we did. Reviewer: Caren Grout, 02/14/2016

We love our new baby Willow! We live in Maryland and had many concerns about getting a puppy from so far away. Two of our friends have ordered dogs and had them show up in bad health. There were not Wheaten Terriers and were mot purchased from Heartland Classics. I spoke with Barb a couple times and read her reviews. I have never bought a puppy I could not meet, so this was all very strange to me. Barb explained how she takes care of the dogs, gets them ready to ship and some dos and don’ts about when she is travelling. We were a bundle of nerves waiting at the airport for Willow to arrive. We saw her crate show up and inside was a happy, wiggly, licky puppy! We have had her home for a few days and took her to the vet the first day home. She is perfect! So happy and playful! Cute as can be! The vet was impressed with her health and her vet records! The long wait from when we left a deposit until the day we got her, 8 weeks, was made slightly shorter by the pictures she would send of her growing up. Everything just worked out perfect! If we ever need a brother or sister for Willow, Heartland Classics would be my only choice! Thanks Barb! Reviewer: Eric Groves 2/14/16

So Happy With Our SCWT! My husband and I adopted Darby (now named Molly) as a Wheaten Terrier on 1/5/16 from Heartland Classics! Barb was great throughout the entire process making it as easy and seamless as possible. I especially enjoyed the picture updates while waiting for Molly to be old enough to come home with us! Molly has quite the spunky personality and is such a smart girl. At almost 4 months, she’s already learning to sit, lay down and stay. She’s in great health and the vet even mentioned how impressed he was with the thorough shot/health records provided. I would definitely adopt another Wheaten puppy from Heartland Classics as the experience was amazing and my husband and I got the sweetest puppy that we absolutely love! Reviewer: Mallory Chaney, 2/5/16

Wattson is one year old today and loving life! He’s a loyal companion and loves his daily walks and going snowshoeing with me. We love him lots! Kudos to you for such a great dog. Give Skye and Duke a hug for us!
Sarah Ailts, 1/28/16

Our PBGV Ruby! We started the process of purchasing Ruby 12/07/15 she was being called Gypsy by Barb. We received updates with pictures every two weeks plus anytime I had questions they were answered by the next morning. We had never purchased a puppy through the Internet before and of course felt very cautious and investigated throughly, I would not hesitate to recommend Heartland Classics as a reputable Kennel. Being retired my husband and I decided to travel to Lyons, NE to pick up our puppy at the kennel, (we live in Southern Colorado so we realize in the winter you need to be well aware of winter driving and what this can mean).
We stayed at AJ’s Inn in Oakland which was quite adequate and clean and ate breakfast at Memories Cafe. We meet people who had known Barb since childhood and also talked to local people who had purchased their dogs from her, all could only give her glowing references.
Yesterday we had our first puppy check up at our Veterinarian, needless to say Ruby passed the inspection with an A+ .
Ruby is sleeping through the night, comes to her name and gives us plenty to laugh about.
We would not hesitate to buy another puppy from Barb the facilities are great and dealing with Barb is easy!
Reviewer: Mary and Randy 01/19/2016

We started the process of buying our red standard poodle puppy months before. I saw her gorgeous big brother on a Facebook poodle website club and had to obtain our puppy from the same parents! When Heartland had another litter with the same parents, we put a deposit and throughout the wait until pickup of our girl, there were photo updates and my calls and emails were promptly answered. We drove 750 miles round trip to pick up our puppy. We were warmly greeted by Barb and her family with friendly and professional knowledgeable instruction and advice. Our puppy is now 6 months old and such a joy! I highly recommend Heartland Classics!

The Best First Dog!We just recently got married and wanted to add a furry friend to our life. One of my friend’s had purchased a puppy from Heartland Classics, and just loves him so we thought we’d give it a try. We got an American soft-coated wheaten from Barb, and we love him so much. He fits into our life so well, and has such a fun personality, we wouldn’t trade him for anything. He loves to cuddle with us in the mornings, and loves to go on long walks around the neighborhood. He also tends to fall asleep on us, which is so hard to resist because he’s so darn cute. We have been so lucky with Dunkin, and we hope to get a second furry friend in the future for him to play with! I would recommend Heartland Classics 100%. Reviewer: Jordan Kelly, 01/09/2016

Long-distance puppy We bought our Wheaten, Fergus (now Wrigley) from Heartland a few days ago. We live in Idaho, so eveything had to be done long distance. I am so impressed with how seamless the process was! The turnaround time from when we found him until he got to us was less than a week! His trip to get to us was long, but he seemed pretty unscathed by the whole experience. He is 8 weeks old and awesome. He is sweet and good-tempered, intelligent and pretty well-mannered. He had his first vet check yesterday and they were impressed with his good health. Based on our experience, I highly recommend Barb and her Wheatens! Reviewer: Sabrina Shalz, January 9, 2016

WE LOVE OUR SCWT Hi Barb. Here is an update on Ryder, DOB 7/13/15. At almost 6 months he has graduated from puppy class and is starting intermediate classes. This is our 7th dog, and by far the smartest dog we have ever owned, and the first non-shedding which we absolutely love. I have to tell you, every time we go to PetSmart, people stop and ask what kind of dog he is. And comment on how adorable he is. Last week he was neutered and when I picked him up the receptionist saw a note in the chart that someone wanted to know where we got Ryder. I don’t know who wanted to know but we certainly sent them your way. He is so lovable and just plain sweet. He hasn’t had an accident since the first week of December Its hard to describe how happy we are to have him. He is very social. In fact he goes to doggie daycare once or twice a week and does very well. My daughter has her cosmetology business in our home and everyone loves to see Ryder. Our vet commented on what good shape he was in. You can certainly use us as a reference if anyone thinking of getting a SCWT wants to call me!!!
Sue Collins, Omaha, NE
January 7, 2016

We adopted Malone, a wheaten terrier, from heartland classics and couldn’t be happier. When he arrived at the airport the crate he arrived in was a nice sturdy and safe cage for travel. Poor guy had to travel for about 7 hrs but he arrived still very clean and well groomed with his cute little sweater. He has been a joy to our family and has adjusted well. He interacts with other dogs and other people very well and loves to play, although our cat is still adjusting but they are getting along slowly :). Our daughter just absolutely loves him and can’t wait for him to start sleeping in her room. We have had Malone now for about 3 weeks, which he turned 3 months today, and he has learned to sit, lay down, and let us know when he needs to be let out. He has melted our hearts and we can’t wait so see him to continue to grow and become himself. Thank you for adding joy to our family!

Kristie, Matt, and Mia
January 3, 2016

Brady and Chloe our two Cotons. We adopted 2 Coton de Tulear puppies, Brady and Chloe, 3 weeks ago. We have been without a family pet for over a year. These two dogs have reminded us of the purest love of a dog’s heart that had been missing from our home. They both have such different personalities, but are incredibly sweet and loving in their own way. Our 8 year old is just in love with them and they both jump with excitement when they see her. Both are well adjusted and are easy to train even by our eager 8 year old. The care they were given by Heartland was without question more than we could have expected. We honestly can’t think of 1 additional thing that could have been done to better prepare them to join our family. We so enjoyed the pictures we got every 2 weeks and the wealth of information available on the website. We would highly recommend, and have, Heartland to anyone looking to adopt a puppy (or in our case 2) to join their family!! We are HONESTLY overjoyed with the experience. Happy New Year!! The Parkers – Virginia January 1, 2016

My Sweet Brandi! Barb has been gracious both by phone and email.
Our 9 week Wheaten female arrived by air and
was excited and after a short car ride met a room
full of nine strangers and loved them all.

Barb did a great job of socializing her.
We also appreciated the photos of our baby as
she grew . Thanks Barb for everything. Reviewer: Russ, December 27,2015

Nala, Queen of Hearts! We adopted a Cavalier King Charles 2 months ago. We named her Nala. I highly recommend Heartland Classics. Barb is very caring. I love getting pictures of Nala every 2 weeks since she was 3 days old. I visited Nala twice before we took her home. I also got to meet Nala’s parents. Barb was very helpful answering any questions we had. When we picked her up to take her home Barb had her records of her shots and listed her future shots she needed.
Nala felt right at home her first day with us. She woke up a few times the first two nights and I let her go outside and she came back in and went back to sleep. She sits by the door and when I ask, “Got to go Potty?” She twirls around 2 or 3 times. I call it Nala’s Potty Dance, and I let her outside. She knows sit, come, down, and stay. Working on shake and roll over. She loves to play fetch with her ball and also loves to go for walks.
Nala is very good going into her kennel when we leave for work. Sometimes I don’t even have to say “Kennel”. She knows I’m leaving and she goes right in. She does get a special treat she loves only when she goes in Kennel
Everyone who meets her loves her and she loves people.

Thanks again Barb for our beautiful Nala
Merry Christmas to all at Heartland Classics

Sue and Rick
Omaha Ne

Early Christmas I cannot say enough good things about Heartland Classics. After many on-line searches I stumbled upon Heartland Classics & I knew our puppy had been found. Barb answered every question I asked promptly & provided me with great information. Our little Shih Tzu, Malaki, has only been part of our family for a week, but he has stolen all our hearts. He is a complete sweetheart & such a curious little guy. Thank you, Heartland Classics, for taking such amazing care of him until we could take over. You will always come highly recommended from me! Reviewer: Jennifer Menagh , Dec. 9, 2015

Our Coton de Tulear We adopted your sweet puppy Noemi, who we call Addie, back in October and are so in love with her. She has such a darling personality and loves everyone. We are so lucky to have adopted such a beautiful puppy. You came highly recommended from my dear friend, Jackie, who owns two of your Cotons, and we are not disappointed at all. Thank you for bringing up these puppies so healthy and happy so our family can enjoy them. Take care, Althea and Ava December 8, 2015

Sorry it’s taken so long to send this, but I just wanted to give you an update on Biscuit & Jet. They had their first visit with our veterinarian and had all of their shots caught up. She raved about how healthy they were and how wonderful you had done on their records & papers. She has a friend looking for a Coton de Tulear so she took one of your business cards. Hopefully they’ll contact you! Both boys are doing great, picking up tricks very quickly…they do sit, down (lay), hop (hopping on their hind legs), shake, and Biscuit does speak. Jet is really good dancing on his two hind legs…it’s adorable! Tonight they were again bathed and brushed out. We plan to keep them in puppy cuts so it’s time for the groomer very soon! 😁 Please feel free to use any of their pics or my veterinarian and my words of praise for your amazing job as a breeder for your website. We couldn’t be happier with our boys and are so glad we found you! You truly love your dogs & puppies and it shows! Thanks again Barb & staff!! The Pattons Katario, Sue, Kaeja, Kendall, Jet, & Biscuit

We adopted your sweet puppy Noemi, who we call Addie, back in October and are so in love with her. She has such a darling personality and loves everyone. We are so lucky to have adopted such a beautiful puppy. You came highly recommended from my dear friend, Jackie, who owns two of your Cotons, and we are not disappointed at all. Thank you for bringing up these puppies so healthy and happy so our family can enjoy them. Take care, Althea and Ava, December 2, 2015

Hi Barb, Just wanted to brag a bit about our magnificent little ball of fire Eli and send some pictures. Eli is a son of Emma and Eli and is a fl goldendoodle. We have had him 4 weeks now and we continue to be amazed at how intelligent and trainable he is and what a perfectly charming personality he has. He just sparkles and wins over every human and animal (other dogs only so far) he meets. The first 5 days at home he fussed for less than 10 minutes when we put him in his kennel for the night, after that he was quiet the whole night until we got up in the morning. He learned his potty places outside in just a couple of days and was completely house broken in 2 weeks. He mastered the “doggy doorbell” in under a week. He uses it whenever he has to go, but he loves to be outside so he now rings it even when he doesn’t need to potty. As you can see in the pictures our doors are glass so he sits and looks out a lot. And the glass makes a good height chart as he grows ( the paw prints keep going higher). Oh and you will notice in one picture that he has figured out how to open the door by getting up on his hind legs and pulling down on the lever handle. He taught himself that one and we are still in awe! He is the smartest dog we have ever had! And our GSDs were no slouches! He was in to the vet for shots on the 17th and weighed 24#6oz. He is really growing fast and we think he will be a really big boy. He is already good at fetch and bring back, so-so on drop it. We look forward to the day when he is less “mouthy”- he wants to bite on everybody and everything. But he loves his toys and gives his mouth a good work-out in that way too. I have been pleased with the way he has adapted to the very large amount of space we have for him both inside and outside. He is a dog that has so much energy and curiosity that he uses all the space he has. We have not limited him inside because he just wants to be near us all the time so as we move around so does he, and when we are still he is at our feet sleeping or chewing on something. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you all do in responsibly and lovingly breeding outstanding pets and especially for the work you do in their early life to prepare them for the transition to a new home. We credit you totally for the easy and happy beginning of our life with our new little family member. I will keep you posted on Eli’s progress. Thanks again, Pat Burleson, November 23, 2015

I just had to write to let you know how much we love our wheaten. She turned 12 this year and is still young at heart. She has no medical issues, loves to be handled and groomed and love the kids. Once trained, she has never had an accident. She is certainly not a barker, but always excited to meet visitors in our home. We definitely plan on another wheaten in the next few years and it will definitely be from Heartland! We are grateful each day for the love and compassion that you share with your dogs. Thanks for your intelligence, expertise and research that you value as these are your true assets. Reviewer: Annie, Nov. 21, 2015

Halo turned 1 this month. She has completed all her classes and now is doing very well knowing my cues for being my service dog. She is a Wheaton who is very energetic and loving. She checks on me several times durning the night. What a great dog from a great place. I tell everyone where I got her because I believe that Heartland puts the love and care into all their dogs to ensure we all get the best possible match for our hearts and homes. Thank you Heartland I can’t wait to come get a new puppy next spring. Reviewer: Pearl Gatto, Nov. 21, 2015

‘Glory Be’ is the coolest dog in history! We adopted a SCWT nearly 5 years ago. We researched for a breed that didn’t shed and had a long life expectancy. Then we searched for a kennel with a great history and reputation. We hit a ‘grand slam’ on all counts!! ‘Glory Be’ is a delight to have in the family!! She keeps us laughing and entertained. You asked what our hopes/goals were and then picked out a puppy for us. You did great! Thanks for the good work! David Thompson Edmond, OK 11/19/15

doodle love We have been in doodle heaven for about 3 weeks! We brought our sweet Lola home and it has been such an incredible 3 weeks. Barb was such a treat to work with. In early September we drove to Heartland to pick out our doodle from the litter. Barb was so helpful and sweet and let us love on the entire litter as we tried to choose. They were all so sweet it was incredibly difficult to choose. But, I must say we are smitten with our Lola. Pickup day was so much fun too! Lola was fresh and clean and we were so ready to bring her home! What impressed me most with the entire process was Barb’s communication. She answered random questions I had while we were patiently waiting for Lola to come home. She sent us update pictures and was so helpful! I must say, I was beyond impressed with Heartland Classics acreage. It is absolutely beautiful. For those of you who have your pups flown to you, you will be pleased to know that all of the dogs at Heartland are happy and get to run around with all their puppy pals. The acreage is so impressive. Lola is happy, healthy, and so good with our two little human children. Potty training has gone really well and Lola is very good about telling us when she needs to go out! We are so happy to have her in our family and thankful for Barb and her crew! Reviewer: Jess Hustad 11/8/2015

Josie is doing great. Love her to pieces. She now sits, stays. down, rolls over, circles, puts her front feet up on a stool. She would do great at playing dead because she stops a lot of times while she is suppose to be rolling over, I think she wants her belly rubbed. The groomers love her because she is so good. She is good when I take her to grandkid events after about 10 minutes. I think she,s a little over excited at first because she thinks everyone there is there for her. Get lots of compliments on her and everyone wants to know where I got her. Thanks again for doing a good job in your breeding program. Love my dog, Lisa

We purchased a Coton from Barb and she arrived 2 days ago. We live in Ohio and we were a little nervous buying a puppy from someone we couldn’t visit. We are amazed what a well behaved puppy arrived! Reviewer: Annie Penn, 10/24/15

Our Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier My boyfriend and I picked out Hillary now Bonnie back in January of 2015. I have always loved the Wheaten Terriers and did a lot of research on the breed. I loved everything I read on this website. I emailed a lot of questions and always received a email back right away. When picking Bonnie up I was very impressed with all the information Barb had for us and how clean everything was. She was clean and when she had her first vet visit she got a clean bill of health. My father went with me and was also impressed telling me a lot of puppies have worms or some other issue when coming home. I always grew up with 2 dogs in my household and little Bonnie has been completely different from any other dog I have had. I could not get over how smart she was and how well she listened. She is like a person at times I swear. She is stubborn but at the same time so lovable. With everything I read we socialized Bonnie right away taking her with us to different places to meet other dogs and different people. She learned so many commands so fast I was just amazed. I am now trying to convince my boyfriend that Bonnie needs a brother (she loves other dogs so much and I always loved having two dogs in the house) Once he comes around to the idea I know we will be coming back to Barb for another puppy 🙂 Reviewer: Sara Eimers, 10/20/15

Love our wheaten! We love Max – and so does everyone else. He’s our neighborhood’s favorite dog and we have only Barb to thank. We tell everyone about Barb. If you’re thinking about a wheaten – Barb won’t let you down! She is kind, responsive and loving. You can tell because Max is just the best. Thanks for the best pup in the world, Barb! Reviewer: Erica Ballard, 10/19/15

Our Precious Tundra (aka Noah) Thank you Barb for our new little blessing! I am still amazed how the Lord led us to a lady with a puppy also from Nebraska. I fell in love with the breed and after researching, found Heartland Classics. We looked forward to pictures of our new baby every two weeks after making our deposit. Tundra arrived safely to Richmond, Virginia using Delta airlines which you arranged and has melted our hearts. Also, the gift box we purchased included all the necessities we needed for a great start. I have been amazed with how much he enjoys the little puppy toys that were included along with his baby blanket. He has been with us only three days, but he has been consistent with No.1 outside and No.2. in the litter box. Tundra has the sweetest disposition and is a snuggler! He is the best little boy and has already brought us so much joy! Sincerely Holly & Jason 10/18/15

Quiero compartir la mejor opinión de Heartland Classics y especialmente de Barb. Tuve una muy mala experiencia hace dos años tratando de comprar un perro y esta vez tenía miedo. Con Barb todo es fácil y claro. Soy mexicana, vivo en la Ciudad de México y ella me ayudó mucho a encontrar la mejor forma de traer a una perrita para acá. No tuve ningún problema para pasar la aduana, con los papeles que Barb me hizo llegar. Altamente recomendable. Qué decir de la perrita, una belleza. Reviewer: Leticia Fierro, 10/16/15

Elliot-Our new Coton de Tulear I purchased a Coton puppy for my daughters 8th birthday. I was very skeptical because we live in El Paso, TX and I didn’t know much about pet travel/shipping. Barb was helpful and answered all of my questions throughout the process. We received pictures of Elliot every 2 weeks with an update of his growth and personality. It got us even more excited for his arrival. Finally, last night we went to the airport and picked him up. He was clean, happy and ready to play. We stayed up super late and played. He’s amazing, healthy and happy. He is definitely a great addition to our family. Thank you Heartland Classics for all of your help and an awesome and beautiful puppy that has made our family complete. I will definitely recommend Heartland Classics to others! Reviewer: Michaelene Sepesy October 9, 2015

My husband and I have been looking for a soft coated wheaten for a few years now and had done quite a bit of research. We live in SLC, Utah and the breed is not easy to come by – then we came across HeartlandClassics and could not have made a better decision! Mrs. Mia is 11 weeks old and has been apart of our family for a 2weeks and we are still in awe of her and how easy and seamless the process is! Barb is absolutely wonderful to work with and will answer any question you may have and always makes you feel at ease. Thank you again for making our family complete!!! Reviewer: Madisen Leonard October 6, 2015

Great support and service!We just adopted our new family friend and I must to say that the support during the process, the easy payment and the kindleness of Barb give us all the confidence we needed to take this big step. Buying online is not easy with hundreds of milles in between, but Barb with her dedication and service knew how to give us peace of mind and hapiness when we meet for the very first time our little puppy. Was a great experience! Reviewer:Enrique Fernandez September 12, 2015

We lost our Wheaten Terrier after 13 years of companionship. Heartland Classics just happened to have a new litter. We arranged to buy one and found that Heartland was very professional and caring. We had our Devlin delivered to Ft Lauderdale by plane where we picked him up. He was in good shape, healthy and loving. All the details were taken care of by Heartland prior to us receiving him. The day after picking him up our local vet examined him and gave him a clean bill of health. I would highly recommend this for your next puppy. Reviewer: George & Linda Geisler October 2, 2015

Several weeks ago we picked up our new Havanese puppy Rosie. From the time we saw her picture on the website we were hooked. She was very quite when we first picked her up but in about 30 minutes you would have thought she had always been our baby. We traveled almost 7 hours to pick her up, but from start to finish it was well worth it. I can’t praise Heartland Classics enough. I have already recommended them a dozen times. The website was so informative and every email was answered almost immediately. When we arrived I was so impressed by the cleanliness of the place and how smoothly everything went. Rosie is a great addition to our family and everything about her we love. I qarantee we will go back in the future if we decide to get another dog. Check it out yourself. Great place! Thanks again!! Reviewer: Nikki Brown, September 16, 2015

We made the tough decision to put our 17 year old Maltese/Lhasa Apso to sleep after watching “Snuggles” health deteriorate to the point that she was obviously not enjoying life the way a pet should. She passed very peacefully July 10, 2015 at our vet with most of our family present. We had made the decision a few weeks before to not wait long after Snuggles was gone to start looking for a new puppy. The next day July 11, 2015 we drove from Fremont to Heartland Classics about 45 minutes away. We knew about their puppies through donations they have made to one of our charity events. When we showed up at 8 a.m. Saturday morning we were greeted by the owner. She had us down for a two hour visit. That’s about what it took. We wanted to look at several puppies. All three were out running around in their office. One puppy was a little too young to leave yet so we would have had to wait a month or so to bring her home. Two puppies were about the same age, ready to go and really played well together. We all looked at each other and said “lets get them both”! Out the door we went. They have been with us for a little over two months. Very good puppies! From the first night we locked them in a back bathroom where they have quiet and lots of blankets to sleep on. They have never made much noise at all until about 6:30 a.m. when we get them up. The two together eliminate any crying or loneliness. Having a few issues with releaving themselves outside ALL the time! When they are up, most of the time it’s high gear! They wrestle and play a lot! Like to sleep on air conditioner registers when it’s hot out. They have gone swimming several times in our backyard pool. One trip to the local dog park. A firendly pit bull was chasing them. The puppies were quite intimidated. We are very pleased with the quality of the puppies as well as the way Heartland Classics runs their business. Anytime you raise puppies for a business it’s naturally not going to be like home raised but this is pretty close. This is our first time for a purchase of a puppy here! Highly recommend Heartland Classics. They are very organized. We went home with a load of toys and everything we needed for new puppies all included in the price. The price they charge for their puppies looks kind of high. When you see how much they put into their business you see why they charge what they do. Very high quality puppies! We all miss Snuggles and the new puppies have helped to lessen the heartache. We look forward to al of the new adventures they will have with us. Reviewer: Jeff and Sue Engel, September 18, 2015

One month with Zeus absolute happiness!!! Got our dog August 20th, he flew in NY came and he was friendly clean and beautiful, from day one he only wanted to go potty outside, he is smart very easy to train him, he is sooooo lovable well behaved he is exactly what we expected him to be. Thank you so much heartland classics and Barb for all the questions answered and for really caring for your dogs. Reviewer: Foteini Papadadtonakis, September 19,2015

We love our new puppy Rosie. You have the best puppies. Reviewer: Darrell Brown, 19, 2015

We could not be more pleased with our new SCWT puppy that we’ve had for two weeks now. From my first interaction with Barb, she was very helpful in answering questions and making me feel at ease about purchasing a puppy online, sight unseen. Being on the west coast, we didn’t get Winston (formerly Zippy) until late in the evening. Even after a long day of travel, he was such a sweet heart. He has a wonderful temperament and is so loving. Of course he’s a puppy and extremely curious and full of energy. 🙂 Winston has been a wonderful addition to our family and i would highly recommend Heartland Classics. Reviewer: Stephanie Wilson, September 21, 2015

We are so happy with our cavaton. She just turned a year old we call her Maggie you called her may bee. She is very eager to learn and easy to train She loves people over friendly. Thank you for a Sweet heart. Reviewer: Barbara Dousman WI., October 1, 2015

We were fortunate to find Heartland Classics within driving distance of our home. Barb met us with a handshake and welcomed us with a smile. Today, we left her with a puppy and a hug! She is quite the woman and has much to be proud of. Their farm is absolutely spotless and one can see the care that goes into the landscaping and groundwork. The crops are beautiful, the apple trees full and the rustling leaves enchanting. We purchased a SCWT puppy from Koyde and Major and were able to spend time with them as well. Koyde wasn’t sure at first, but all it took was for us to kneel down and she was instantly our best friend. She then began playing fetch with her toys and always came back to us with a wag. Major was also a handsome and regal guy who was happy, well groomed and just a joy. Our puppy seems to follow in his parents great footsteps. He is jovial and very devoted to his new owners. He listens to each word we share. Our vet was thrilled with the detailed records of our puppy and said that she knew he came from a great place as well. She has cared for several of Heartland’s puppies in our community. If you are considering making a purchase from Heartland Classics, do know that it will be the best decision of your life! Thanks Barb!! September 24, 2015

Happy as can be with our Wheaten (Wilmer) who we now call Rocco I was very fortunate to come across Heartland Classics surfing the web.. After speaking to Barb I felt immediately at ease about purchasing a puppy online. Barb was amazing at sending photos and answering all of my questions. I was a bit concerned about the long flight but he seemed to have handled it quite well, he arrived with a burst of energy and as happy as can be. He is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. He is well socialized with a happy disposition, you can tell that he has received plenty of love and human interaction. We are extremely happy with Heartland Classics and highly recommend them. I will definitely use them again in the future!! Thank you Barb!!!! Reviewer: Leticia Grendene, September 23, 2015

I just wanted to say thanks again for making the adoption of our newest family member so easy. It was a pleasure doing business with you! Fionn had a very long day on Thursday, as his flight out of Nebraska got delayed. Since that time though, he has been pampered and loved on by everyone in our family. We cannot get over how handsome of a fella he is! He saw our vet on Friday evening and she also was impressed by him. Thank you again for all of the updated pictures during this process and for all of the detailed paperwork that arrived with his crate. I will say the puppy package came in very handy as well, as he is very much a pup and wants to chew on things! And, he also loves his baby! Thank you again, and take care. Reviewer: Jackie & Chris Price Greenfield, Indiana, September 22,2015

SCWT puppy purchased online! I have wanted a Wheaten Terrier for years & once the timing was right I started to search out a puppy. After trying local sources in NC I took my search online. I came across Heartland Classic’s website and Barb’s puppies. Buying online especially since I was gonna have to fly the puppy to me had me nervous. After reading the whole website, googling and finding positive news articles regarding heartland classics made me realize that Barb loves her dogs and knows what she is doing. In my search I also learned how related breeding is in Nebraska an eased my mind since I couldn’t pick up in person.(and isn’t regulated at all in my state) I placed a deposit on available puppy. I mentioned to Barb that this was going to be a third dog into the house and she made sure to ask the right questions to ensure a good fit for the personalities. She was great about answering any questions and giving updates on my baby boy every two weeks. The hardest thing about this whole process has been counting the days of his arrival. In my mind I thought he would be scared/timid since he flew here and had a long flight, well my puppy proved that thought wrong within the first seconds of arriving. He arrived as promised and was happy, friendly, healthy and a well adjusted puppy. I can’t express enough how happy I have been with the whole process and how great Heartland Classics is. I just hope that Barb is still around next time I’m looking for a dog because I would be a returning customer in a heartbeat. Reviewer: Michlle Sims, September 12,2015

I wanted to send you a quick notel thanking you so much for our sweet, sweet angel Phil, our SCWT. He is the best puppy every and everyone just loves him so much, he’s such a little cuddle bug. I have given your info out to quite a few people especially a few people who are looking to get a Coton de Tulear. I just wanted you to know that he’s safe and sound and completely adjusted and happy and we couldn’t be more happy with him he’s brought so much joy into our lives. Thank you so much for our baby! Reviewer: Erika, September 4, 2015

Coton de Tulear Puppy (Neddie) I picked up my puppy from the airport about 10 days ago. He had arrived safe and clean. He learned to do his “business” on the pad in 3 days. He’s so beautiful and good natured. Everyone who sees him fell in love with him. His name was Neddie at Heartland Classics. We renamed him Sam after the character in “The Lord of the Ring” because of his good nature and funny demeanor. Thanks, Heartland Classics for our Sam. Reviewer: Ei Ei Aung, August 29, 0215

Awesome addition to our family! Our beautiful Irish Coated Wheaton Terrier from Barb at Heartland Classics has been with us for a little over two weeks now. He is health and very bright!! Adjusted quickly to his new home. We couldn’t be happier with our Finn! You can just tell that he came from a loving environment! Any one who gets a pup from Barb is getting a real gem!! Reviewer: Bridget & Ed Doran, August 18, 2015

Cute bundle of love! I flew from Santa Fe to Omaha last Wednesday and Barb brought Darby Mae, the MOST precious Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, to me at Omaha Eppley. An hour later, Darby Mae and I were en route to return to Santa Fe. Darby Mae is the third wheaten in our family to be born at Heartland Classics. What a WONDERFUl breeder! Reviewer: Jody and Peter Spalding, August 17, 2015

August BETTY, our Havaton sweetheart! We picked up “our girl”, Betty, a little over a month ago and have been smitten ever since! Barb and her team were amazing to work with, we loved getting the photos every 14 days, it made us feel like we were watching her grow. We are from Omaha so we could drive to Heartland Classics which is lovely farmstead and we could tell all the adult dogs and puppies had been well cared for and had plenty of human interaction. One piece of advice, get the litter box and puppy litter that Barb has trained the pups to use! It will help you with potty training!! There’s store on this website and a physical store at the farmstead. Barb knows these dogs and knows what she’s doing and is very wiling to help first time puppy owners like us. Betty loves kids (we don’t even have any!), doesn’t shed and is ridiculously soft, hardly barks, enjoy walking…and LOVES to cuddle. Reviewer: Kari Andresen, August 12, 2015

Goldendoodle I purchased a Coton de tulear from Barb 2 and 1/2 years ago and so incredibly happy with him that I knew I would only purchase my next addition from her. On July 4th I picked up Kenzie a Goldendoole! She is beautiful and sweet. She has a great temperment and by 11 weeks I taught her sit and down, by 12 weeks she shakes and is working on roll over and stay! I am working on house breaking and it’s going great. She has had a few mistakes but that is to be expected! My vet was again very impressed with all the vaccines and dewormer Barb had done. Not only does it give them a great start but it definitely saves me a great deal of money! Thanks, Barb! Reviewer: jacqueline triplett, July 31,2015

Diesel our Coton de Tulear We picked up our Coton de Tulear on June 5th and he is absolutely the cutest and most well behaved puppy. Diesel is also extremely healthy! Often on my walks with Diesel I am stopped by people wanting to pet him. They can’t get over his cottony fur coat and how he doesn’t shed. I’m thankful we found Heartland Classics and we could not be any happier. Barb helped us a lot as to which breed would best fit our family and answered many questions. We visited Heartland Classics before buying our puppy and what a great place!!! We were extremely impressed right away about how clean it was and how the dogs are very well cared for. The day we picked up our puppy, Heartland Classics were having a dog wedding and marrying two of their dogs. I thought that was adorable. I can’t say enough about Heartland Classics it’s just plain awesome ! Thank you Heartland Classics for an amazing healthy puppy. Diesel is the best puppy and it’s all because of you. Reviewer: Michelle Morehouse, July 27, 2015

Grady! My husband and I were heart-broken a little over a year ago when our beloved Basset Hound, Bo, died of cancer. It truly was like losing a family member. We knew we wanted to get another dog eventually, but couldn’t decide on the breed. I love Basset Hounds, but my husband didn’t want another one so soon after losing Bo. . . too much of a reminder. Well, after a few months, a dear friend that I teach with asked if I had ever heard of a PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen). I had to admit that I hadn’t. She told me about Barb and Heartland Classics, so I checked it out. I fell in love immediately when I saw the pictures of the little PBGVs online when I was researching the breed. I contacted Barb, and she was so kind and helpful. We picked out “Geo” a couple of months ago. We renamed him “Grady” because of his little old man beard, and my grandfather’s name was Grady, so the name stuck. Our little guy was shuttled, and we met him about halfway between Heartland and Colorado where we live. The moment he peeked his little head out of the kennel, our hearts melted. He has this adorable way of having the tip of his little pink tongue stick out quite often – endearing. We found that he is a great little traveler. Our Basset Hound was always getting carsick, but not Grady. He will often go over and grab his leash off the entry table to let us know he’s ready to go! PBGVs are nicknamed the “happy breed”, and nothing could be more true. Grady has personality plus. We’ve been to the vet a few times to finish up his shots, and the vet and his staff are always excited to see Grady. They’ve fallen in love with him also. and our vet was so intrigued, as he had not heard of the PBGV breed either, and he’s been a vet for over 25 years. PBGVs do require lots of exercise and attention. My husband has lovingly nicknamed Grady “The Beast of Bayberry Circle” because of his playful spirit. They are a really intelligent breed. I was worried about house-training, as I still had a few weeks of school left before my summer break, but luckily, my husband’s schedule allowed him to be home with Grady. We thought about using crate-training to housebreak our little guy, but my husband didn’t want to do that. We were pleasantly surprised how easily Grady was house-broken. It was no time before he was running over to the door on his own and pawing at the door to let us know he needs out. We have had only a handful of “accidents”. Yes, Grady sleeps with us. . . . and . . . he sleeps the whole night through – from the very first night! He will lick your cheek or ear in the morning to let you know he needs out, but often we wake before our little “lounge lizard”. Grady play hard, but when he sleeps, he’s out like a light. I am concerned about separation anxiety when I go back to school in a few weeks, so we may have to consider getting a little friend for Grady. He loves his walks and is such a little social butterfly. Barb is such a professional. I was so impressed with the whole process, and all the papers he needed about shots, AKC, etc. were with him when he arrived for us to pick him up. I most definitely would get another puppy from Barb at Heartland Classics with no hesitation. Reviewer:Christy from Colorado, July 22, 2015

Amos, now Louie, had a great trip home, he is over and beyond anything I had dreamed of, love him so much. He has settled in nicely and is right at home so we are off to a great start. He is so intelligent and loving and so well socialized. We went to the pet store this am for more toys, he loves to play. That may be a weekly thing for new toys now. Thank you for all of the great care and socializing you have done with him, makes life so much easier and a pleasure for sure. Reviewer:Peggy, July 10, 2015

Mr. Oliver We picked up our cavalier king Charles spaniel from heartland classics on april 10th. it was the best thing we almost didn’t do. after five years, our shiba inu, sam, was getting a little too territorial, so we decided to adopt him out. a difficult move with a good outcome, as our son took him. we have had dogs our entire married lives and just had to fill that empty space. my brother has a cavalier,a great dog, so we began the quest for ours. how fortunate to find heartland classics. after checking out their website and seeing that two cavalier males were available, we set up a visit in march.. barb and her husband could not have been better.. it was obvious from the start their great knowledge of their dogs is equaled by their love for the animals. my wife wasn’t sure about starting over with a puppy, but once, she picked “wyndham up and” he snuggled up, that was it. when he finally came home with us in mid april, we decided to call him “oliver” . since then, he continues to grow into a great pet: house broken in about a week. beautiful marking and a cuteness that causes our walks with him to start and stop, as all the neighbors want to see him. and oliver is happy to oblige. he is extremely smart and lets us know when he doesn’t want to do what we want him to .. he can dig his paws in an be a little stubborn. that’s when we call him “mr oliver . our guess is “mr oliver” we turn out to be one of out best dogs. this is due in no small part to everyone at heartland. we have recommended them to our family and friends without reservation: “if you are looking for a wonderful pet, just call heartland clasics. Reviewer:Tim Wigton, July 7, 2015.

Could not be any happier with Heartland Classics — great puppies and wonderful customer service! I ordered a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen from Heartland Classics and I could not be happier! I did speak with Barb on the phone before ordering as I had some general questions plus inquiries about shipping and paperwork, especially as I live in Alaska. Barb answered all of my questions via phone and email. The entire FAQ section at the website was very helpful (purchasing, travel, arrival, medical, etc) and the puppy, crate, and paperwork all arrived via the airlines exactly as described. I would recommend Heartland Classics to anyone looking for great puppies and wonderful customer service! Reviewer: Kevin Dillard, July 7, 2015.

Love our Wheaten! We purchased a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier from Barb in February of 2014 and received him in May of 2014. He has been a very good dog as he beautifully fit into our family of four. He has a sweet heart and is healthy. He is also the hit of the puppy daycare and doggy daycare because of his good nature, willingness to play and happy disposition. He has lots of furry friends and delights our human friends too. Barb was very organized and informative before and after our purchase. Our experience was wonderful and we continue to enjoy our newest member of the family! Reviewer: G. Taylor, July 7, 2015

Just picked our new PWD pup up from Seattle bringing her back north to Victoria. This is now our third dog purchase from Barb , the other two being Peebs. As the Peebs our dog was shipped with great care and all paperwork and food impeccably secured to the kennel. Our new girl has been so well socialized she spent one night in a hotel without a whimper. Her new Peeb sisters have begun to teach her the ropes already, but she is so well adjusted just want to tell everyone how happy we are. Could not express enough although busy, how much PERSONAL attention Barb has offered for these three separate purchases. Just want to thank Heartland and their staff for the care from purchase to delivery on beautiful , healthy, adjusted pups!! Reviewer: Gregg Whitson, May 20, 2015

Back in November we decided on a whim to go look at one of the Coton-Tzu pups that Barb had. After visiting for about 45 minutes and playing with this sweet puppy we decided we wanted him! On December 5th we picked our little guy up, and needless to say my boyfriend and I were both pretty nervous and clueless where to start! However, Barb knew we were new puppy parents and she hooked us up! We’ve had our little man Jax for a little over 5 months now and I can’t begin to explain how perfect he is! Jax is healthy, strong, extremely energetic, and quite the little love bug! Our little man was the greatest edition to our family, that we didn’t even know we needed! If I have friends or family who are looking for a pup the first place I recommend is Heartland Classics! They work with all their little fur babies and do a great job of prepping them for their forever homes! 🙂 Reviewer: Angie Kolvek, May 11, 2015

My husband and I were on our honeymoon in LA when we first saw the breed~ soft coated wheaten terrier. When we came back to Turkey, we started to search for them in Europe, it is nearly impossible to find one. Then we saw heartlandclassics and contacted Barbra. We fell in love with Bronco’s picture. Barbra responded to every email with kindness and was very imformative. Since we were going to come from Turkey to get Bronco, we needed more information and she was very helpful. Bronco safely arrived to New York and then to İstanbul. He easily adapts to every environment, very friendly and kind. Responds to education very succesfully as well. We are very happy that we have him in our lives and looking forward to a happy, long life with him! Thank Barbra!! Reviewer: Sidni Karavill, April 18, 2015

I waited a few months to come and leave a review because I wanted to see how things would turn out. I must say that it could not have been any better than how it is! We are delighted to have our little dog join our family. I had a phenomenal experience with Barb Lierman purchasing this dog. Initially, I gave a deposit and because I had a situation which she completely understood, she fully returned my deposit. We waited a little longer and went on with purchasing our little girl whom we named Hope. She was the best Christmas present ever!!! I want to add that I have a son who is highly allergic to dogs, and also asthmatic. Our allergist recommended a Wheaton and my son has never had ANY reaction to her. She has filled our home with laughter and joy! Within 2 weeks she was housebroken and this dog is extremely smart and affectionate. She’s amazingly gentle with our toddler and super energetic to keep up with our 11 yr old boy. Our teenager who’s 14, goes for longboard rides with hope pulling her.. We are so grateful to have found heartland classics, that gave us a high quality and healthy puppy!!! As soon as we move to our new place, we will purchase another!!! This is our very first dog, needless to say we didn’t know what we were doing as per training her. Basically, she always tells what she needs and that is the only times she ever barks! We are in love!!! Thank you so much Barb for your service and honesty!! Kind regards, Angela santos! Reviewer: Angela Santos, April 4, 2015

As we approach the 1 year birthday of our Cavaton Scooby (formerly Peyton) I would like to say thank you to Barb and her staff. I researched dog breeds for nearly two years before deciding on a Cavaton from Heartland Classics and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was very impressed by Barb and her knowledge of the breed. I asked many questions, received bi-weekly photos and updates. Scooby was flown into Milwaukee and I was instantly in love, he was so well cared for and socialized at just 8 weeks. Scooby is a character so funny, well-behaved and smart. I am so impressed I am thinking of getting a second puppy from Heartland this spring. Reviewer:Pamela Hartwig, March 23, 2015

MaxWe found out about Heartland Classics on a trip to Chicago, where we bumped into a dog and her owner. The dog, an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, had a wonderful temperament, and the owner told us she had gotten the dog from Heartland Classics. We contacted Barb, and arranged a visit. Barb did not know which puppies we would want to see, and all of the puppies we asked to see were clean and, of course, adorable. After spending over an hour, visiting with the puppies, and talking to Barb, we settled on “Freddy” (Max, now). We received new photos every two weeks, until he was ready to leave. We asked to see his parents when we came to pick him up, and Barb said, of course. We did see the parents, Gil and Felix, who were quite active in the yard. We spent more time with Barb and “Freddy,” and Barb patiently answered all of our questions and gave us great advice. We have now had our Irish Wheaten, Max, for two weeks. Our vet said he was perfectly healthy. Barb and her team did a great job in socializing him: he responds well to people and other dogs, and is very willing to be touched and handled on all parts of his body. He is very smart, very sweet, and a great companion. Thank you for, Barb, for being the “human” source of our wonderful dog. Reviewer:Mary Jo Shaney, March 22, 2015

Our sweet Teagan Two months ago we bought a male Havanese puppy from Barb. He is now 4 months old and weighs 6 1/2 lbs. He is so smart and cute. He loves long walks around the lake, playing with my 6 grandkids, cuddling, car rides. He has already learned sit, stay, come and lay down and we are working on shake. He is perfect! You will not find a better place to buy a puppy than Heartland Classics. Thanks Barb…we LOVE him: Reviewer:Renae Soucy, March 16,2015

We had great communication and service. We received our new wheaten pup Friday evening. We were very nervous about having her shipped to us but when we got to the airport to wait for her we were so happy to see she had made the trip with a warm puppy hoodie on and was as happy to see us as we were to see her! We had great communication and service with barb at heartland and our pup loves people and the neighborhood dogs. Reviewer:Karla Butz, February 22, 2015

What a lucky find to have come across and Barb. I will preface this review by saying that I am a huge fan of all terriers. I think they epitomize the word DOG. They’re fearless, loyal, stubborn sometimes, smart beyond reason, easy to train, hard to train(yes BOTH!), sweet, great companions and an all around joy to have in your life. Having reached a point in my life where I found myself without a dog, and more than ready to do it again, I researched and settled upon the Wheaten breed as a good fit for me (and me for the dog as well). After weeks of looking over the ‘puppy want ads’ both locally and online, I stumbled on and knew immediately that I had found a good strong possibility for a breeder. I read their story, looked at pictures, read some more (looked at more pictures) and finally just called to talk to the PERSON. I didn’t speak to Barb for more than a few minutes on the phone (and after that a couple of quick e-mails to nail down a time to pick the puppy up), but I really didn’t need to being that the website is one of the best, most informative websites I’ve ever come across for a breeder. And when I did speak to her, she was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions, probably would’ve given me the entire back story of the breed had I asked her to, or at least sent me to the right place on the website to find it! The day I got Fergus, he was ready to go, decked out and waiting in the front room for us. He immediately started jumping around and backing away with his little behind up in the air (Barbs husband David told us right away, that’s just the breed and how they are) and then commenced licking faces and melting hearts. All of the paperwork was ready to be signed, David walked me through everything necessary and then even sold me one of the water bottles I was having trouble finding anywhere else locally (at a really, really good price) and then sent us on our way, with a final message of ‘feel free to call or e-mail any time with questions or if you’re having any troubles’. Since I’ve had him home, Fergus has been every little thing I’d hoped for in a new companion. Smart, energetic, inquisitive, healthy, completely social, and doesn’t leave my side at home. Very much a class(ic) act! Reviewer: Brian Haan, February 18, 2015

SCWT We’ve had our little girl SCWT for a week now. She fits in with my familiy like we have always had her. My younger adult dog is thrilled to have a play buddy, and my elderly dog just wants to be left alone. My 17 month old daughter has a new best friend, and the cats have moved to the garage. This puppy is so smart, and well-socialized. I think the Irish hair is going to be absolutely the perfect hair type for Alaska adventures, and since it’s still a very low shed, I’m thrilled I won’t have to vacuum incessantly. We purchased this puppy when she was less than 6 weeks. We chose her based on her birth weight and look of intelligence and orneriness in her eyes. Barb sent us regular updates and pictures and was immediately responsive to all my emails (I sent a lot of emails). A week beforethe pup was to arrive in Alaska (Barb doesn’t ship until the pups are 10 weeks), we discovered another family here wanted a puppy from the same litter, so Barb arranged transportation so that the puppies could fly together. Barb worked out all the details, made sure the pups were dressed warmly, and even spent her own money to urgently fly the pups to their connecting flight in Minneapolis when the plane leaving Nebraska was delayed due to a maintenance issue. I have shipped a puppy from the lower 48 before, and she is a wonderful dog, but she was very, very stressed and tired when she arrived here. She slept for two days. Tatalina, our new Heartland puppy, napped in my arms for the 1.5 hour car ride from the airport, and we arrived home around midnight. She drank some water and went to sleep that night for a few hours. She took to her kennel right away. Woke up the next day and was instantly best friends with my daughter, and is such a little, sweet, hilarious, bold girl. She’s so smart and well on her way to being totally potty trained all ready. In a few years, we will be calling Barb again to buy a pair of puppies from her. A note to all prospective buyers of SCWT dogs: they are a wonderful breed–very much a terrier but much more dependant and bonded to their people. They have sensitive feelings, tons of energy, complete need to please, and an incessant drive. You have to be very engaged, gentle but dominant, loving owner in order to keep them the wonderful dogs they are meant to be. They need to be silly–crave it, but they are highly intelligent and able to follow highly obedient commands. Be sure to let them be who they are, but teach them when to pay attention and be serious. Their size is THE perfect size dog. Not too big. Not too small. They’re so athletic they are just perfect. Please help them stay that way. Reviewer: Laura Newton, February 13, 2015

We adopted our Shih Tzu/Coton de Tulear puppy almost two months ago, and he has been a pure joy! He is the sweetest, funniest little fuzzball I’ve ever met. He’s doing well with potty training and has mastered “sit”. He warmed up to us and our three elementary aged boys before we ever got in the car to leave Barb’s. We could tell he had been well cared for and socialized and the vet agreed! The adoption process was easy and smooth, from my first email to our visit to select a puppy to picking him up a month later. Thank you for letting us make Monty (Samson) part of our family. Reviewer: Carole Ann Rohan, January 6, 2015

Havavese puppy My husband and I just adopted a Havanese sweetheart from Barb. She was wonderful to work with, answered all my questions and emails leading up to the big event. The puppy is beautiful, smart and obviously well cared for….my vet commented that I must have found an excellent breeder. I did a lot of research and was very nervous about buying a puppy online, but it turned out to be a fantastic experience. Thank you so much Barb for our sweer Teagan! Reveiwer: Renae Soucy, January 5, 2015

Barb Was Tremendous We have been the proud owner of our Wheaten for one month! Murphy (Fillmore) is such a sweet boy and so good with the children. When we started our search for a dog a few months ago, we were very new to the process and had a barrage of questions. Barb spent a lot of time with us on the phone and in her office. She walked us through the basics of Wheatens and other puppy-rearing topics. She is a professional with a soft heart. I am also grateful for Heartland Classics ability to offer us great pet products at a competitive rate. All of the items we have purchased from H.C. (it was a long list!) are being used and have been so helpful. I especially recommend the doggy doorbell which Murphy has already started to use to tell us that he needs to go outside! Barb, it was a pleasure meeting you and your husband. Thank you so much for all of your help in the purchasing process! May God bless you, your family and your business. Thanks for everything! Reviewer: Jenny, January 7, 2015

Wonderful Coton de Tulear Maddie, (formerly Joyce), my coton de tulear, will be 6 months old in a couple of days. She is a fun little dog and I have found that she is a soccer player at heart. She loves to play fetch, but struggles with giving up the tennis ball. Her solution is to keep one tennis ball in her mouth while retrieving a second ball by kicking it with her front paws back to me. She is very accurate with her kicks and can bring the ball back from 20 to 25 feet away by passing it back and forth between her right and left front feet! The Coton de Tulear is a wonderful, loving breed of dog that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a new addition to their family. Maddie has been nicknamed “the neighborhood sweetheart” where I live. Barb at Heartland is great to work with. Thank you for my wonderful dog! Reviewer: Marsha, January 1, 2015

Abundant Blessings It has been a difficult end of the year for me. I have been deployed now for a couple of months and will be missing the holidays this year. My wife has been wanting a Soft coated Wheaton Terrier for some time now. Having come across Heartland Classics has truly been a blessing for me. Barb has truly been wonderful to deal with. Though we have never met nor talked over a phone, She has went above and beyond my expectations. She has been my representative for Christmas this year in my house and that debt can never be repaid. Barb out of the kindness of her pure heart has insured that my children and wife have one special unexpected gift under the tree from me. I wish her and her family abundant blessings over these holidays and I look forward to meeting our new puppy when I return home this coming summer. I will recommend this breeder to everyone I know. It is rare to find such customer service these days. Again, I thank you very much Brab for all you have done. God Bless, Reviewer: SFC Brandon T. Campbell, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 18F, USA, December 25, 2014

Our Beautiful Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Roxie ( formerly Diamond )

Our Beautiful Wheaten Terrier Roxie ( formerly Diamond ) – 8 weeks old puppy. Thank you so much Barb, I wanted to take a moment to recognize Heartland Classics for the dedication towards dogs.

Our Journey started when we found out Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and got a referred to Heatland Classics by proud parents of Casey and Klancey ( Wheaten Terrier ) at our sons school. We are so thankful for them first to introduce us their dogs and providing all the information. We contacted Barb at Heartland Classics and then it was a different experience all together. After browsing through we finalized on Roxie ( Diamond ) and from then Barb has stayed on top with all the information and biweekly updates of Roxies pcitures with nice bows and scarf along with her birth weight to how much she gained every two weeks.

When it was time to separate Roxie from her berth parents, we embarked on a a road trip from Denver to Nebraska ( 77 miles North of Lincoln ) to bring Roxie Home. It was a long 8 hour drive but after we met Barb and Roxie, the drive was definetly worth it. Barb was very sweet as she introduced us to Roxie and took care off all the paperwork for someone who had no knowledge about it and educated all the things that was required for the next couple of weeks. Once everything was done it was time for another 8 hour journey to bring Roxie
back to Denver to her new home.

Roxie is now well settled in her new home and our boys ( 8 and 4 ) have a blast with her and I am left with cleaning up Roxies potty until we get her potty trained :-).

Thank you so much Barb for this wonderful experience. One thing that still sticks out to me is when Bard hugged each one of us and told us to take her of her baby, that was a touching moment for all of us.

Regards and appreciate what you are doing and making a change in someone’s life with these wonderful pets who are any day therapeutic and humans best friend no matter what all the way.

FYI – FAQ’s on the website is great and wealth of informantion

Thank you!!

Reviewer: Lokesh, December 24, 2014

Love our Cavatons We couldn’t have been happier when we first met Percy our Cavaton a year ago. We live in Vancouver, Canada and picked him up in Seattle. He arrived freshly groomed and is the happiest, most gentle boy. Everyone who meets him loves him. When we go for walks I get stopped and asked what type of dog he is and told he is so beautiful. He is very playful and we felt he needed a friend so we just brought home a sweet girl, Hazel a few weeks ago. She settled in to her new home very quickly and Percy and Hazel are now the best of friends. Barb has always been great with any questions I have had and Jodi takes the sweetest photos which we would look so forward to getting. We love our puppies and would not hesitate to recommend Heartland Classics to anyone else looking for a new dog. Thanks Barb and Jodi. Reviewer: Kerry, November 27, 2014

Miss Dixie ( formerly Razberrie ) Miss Dixie is nearly 4 months old, and has the stolen the hearts of everyone one she meets. She has such a wonderful personality and is an instant friend to everyone she meets, from one year old to to 90. We take her to our grandkids sporting events. She is an instant hit will the kids and adults alike. She is not a problem to have at public events. She is pure love and happiness wrapped into a fluffy bundle. She is our constant companion. She is adored by the residents of the assisted living center where we take her. I can’t imagine a better puppy. She is smart, easy to train and makes us smile every time we look at her. What a blessing she is to us and everyone she meets. Barb at Heartland Classis does a great job getting the puppies ready for adoption. They are totally ready for adoption and she sent us off with a ton of information and advice to help make our adoption the very best is could be. We couldn’t be happier with our little Miss Dixie. Where ever we take her everyone asks what her name is and say this is Miss Dixie the Coton de Tulare, from Heartland Classics. Thanks to Barb and Heartland Classics! Reviewer: Tom and Jeanne, November 8, 2014

Cooper the Coton de tulear Cooper now is 7 months old. I can’t ask for anything else. This breed is awesome!!!!!!!!. Cooper such a good boy. He’s well behaved, loverble, playful, and very healthy. I highly recommend Heartland Classics! Reviewer: Thida, September 20, 2014

Izzy (bubbles) I researched many breeders and had many conversations with other breeders. I read over Barb’s entire site several times and also waited several months before making a decision about who to trust in getting my Soft Coated Wheaten. Needless to say she is the only one I kept coming back to and felt she was the right breeder. She has so much information on her website and many references to check with. I was very nervous about the puppy traveling from Nebraska to Atlanta but they reassured me and Izzy came to us and was so sweet and ready to get to know us. She is 4 months now and is very well behaved. We get so many compliments on how well behaved she is when we are out (and I take her everywhere). She sometimes spends a couple of hours at my daughters’ cheer practice and stays very calm and friendly around the entire cheer team and their parents. She loves to play with kids, dogs, and adults. I give Barb and her staff so much credit for the temperament of my Izzy. Barb has great parents and breeds excellent puppies and puts so much care and knowledge into making sure these babies are good pets. I highly recommend anyone wanting a family pet to come to Heattland Classics. We couldn’t be happier with our sweet baby! Reviewer: Michelle, September 20, 2014

My Docile, Coton Nina 🙂 I purchased a Coton de Tulear from Heartland classics. “AWESOME”! Nina is Docile 🙂 We are enrolled in Puppy training classics. I know she will catch on FAST!!!!!!! Words cannot describe this breed. Have to purchase to see for yourself. Business speaks for itself. Thank you Heartland Classics for the upscale customer service. Thanks! Reviewer: Jauryce, September 10, 2014

Millie after 5 months! I have been wanting to write to you since the day we received our Millie from the plane. Everyone in our family absolutely loves her. She is so happy and healthy; we know how well everyone at heartland classics must’ve taken care of her. Millie is currently growing and growing. At 7 months she is a big, healthy and very happy 37lb puppy. I will be forever grateful to you for finally persuading my mother to get a dog. I am defiantly going to turn to you when I myself get a dog, you have been so great with all your information and help and updates. Thank you!! I am over the moon and am now going to go cuddle with Millie Reviewer: Saskia, August 30, 2014

Russell (Formerly Simba) We’ve had nothing but joys ever since we got Russell! He is now almost 7 months old and training is going great. Before his first hair cut, he looked just like a teddy bear and was quite the ladies man. We’ve had so many compliments on him, he is one of a kind!! So loving and attentive, just a great dog. He has a goofy little personality and loves everyone – dogs, kids, cats. You name it. Nebraska all the way to NWT, Canada! He is a pretty great little traveler. Thanks so much Barb for setting up all the travel arrangements. You made our dreams come true! I tell everyone where I got Russell, Heartland Classics made it possible for us to get such a beautiful dog. Thank you again!! Reviewer: Madison, August 19, 2014

Our Beautiful Wheaten Terrier I wanted to take a moment to recognize Heartland Classics for the dedication to the breed. I am pleased that DNA testing for the Protein diseases has been completed. This offers great assurance for us as buyers. I am also glad that you do not sell to pet stores or brokers and only offer your puppies to loving homes such as ours. We couldn’t be more pleased with our dog. We have had an AKC judge evaluate him and he shared that he fits the breed standard in both demeanor and confirmation. While we will not be spending the immense amount of money required to put him on the road for shows (I don’t think we could stand for him to be away from us for that long), we do rest comfortably that we have done all possible to ensure a healthy Soft Coated Wheaten puppy meeting the standard. Our boy loves water and hangs our daily in our swimming pool. He attends the dog park regularly and has no issues with any of the other dogs there. He has completed his beginner’s level of training and now we are continuing on to the tricks class. He would make a wonderful therapy dog as well. All of the love, grooming practice and training from Barb has made his life so wonderful. We can’t say enough good things about Barb’s devotion to her business. There is no comparison. We received kind and courteous replies when other arrogant breeders wouldn’t look down their noses at us to give us the time of day. She is an educated and well versed breeder who has always been there to answer our questions throughout our adoption. Other breeders should learn from her. I do wish she would make a cd though illustrating the training and care that she does. The FAQ section of this website is fantastic, but I love to hear Barb in person. Thank you!! Reviwer: The Biggs, August 14, 2014

IMG_1142 Ruby, our Standard Poodle Reserve champions in the 4-H beginner dog showmanship class at the Holt County Fair! We are very proud of both of our girls. Ruby is the fist standard that we have ever been around. She is an amazing part of our family and we all absolutely adore her! We find ourselves falling in love with Ruby and the poodle breed over and over again. She is a perfect example of what a standard poodle should be: Loving, funny, smart, athletic, friendly and a natural in the show ring. Thanks so much, Barb, for introducing us to the red poodles and for breeding in quality and health in such beautiful dogs. In our rural area, standards are very uncommon (especially the reds). People are pleasantly surprised when we tell them that our “fancy” dog loves a good mud puddle! We receive countless compliments on what a pretty dog Ruby is. We feel that we don’t deserve the credit here ~ so here’s to Heartland Classics and their dogs!!! Reviewer: Wanda, August 9, 2014

After Ten Years After ten years I am compelled to email you. to refresh your memory, we were looking for joy and happiness after we had lost everything in an f4 tornado in 2004. I discovered Coton de Tulears on Google and became fascinated with the breed. You helped me name her Whirlwind Blessings of Zoe. I believe you shared she was the first Coton that had stayed in Nebraska. Barb, I can’t express what a blessing she is to me and our family. Zoe loves everyone and has such a loving personality and gentle spirit. She even morphs her personality to adjust to which person she is playing with. She is nothing but love, kisses and snuggles with my daughters and I, but ramps up and “rough houses” it a bit with my husband and son. She is such a pleaser and so very smart. Since 2008, I have been a virtual employee and work from home. Zoe is my constant companion. I would be so lonely without her. She “works” beside me each and every day and knows my every move. I cannot believe that 10 years have gone by and I am already beginning to fret a bit about what I will do when we loose her. Honestly, she is my fourth child – that is how much I love my girl. Keep doing what you do. It changes lives and brings immense joy beyond measure. Reviewer: Jody, July 19, 2014

Daisy Arrives Having lost one of our two beloved Havanese to renal failure too early in her life, we were devastated as was her cousin, our other Havanese, Happy. After a lot of research we decided on a Coton and found Barb at Heartland Classics. First, she really runs a wonderful breeding area that does not feel or smell at all like a ‘puppy mill”. She was very knowledgeable about Cotons and how to raise them. Plus she has an extensive inventory of things one might need for raising a new pup. Our pup, Daisy, came home two days ago. After bit of timidity, she found her way around the house and has imprinted on our Havanese as her “mom”. The two are almost inseperable. Our Havanese established her “Alpha Dog” position quickly, but has been extremely tolerant of Daisy chasing her around and jumping on her. Daisy is also a complete love to my wife, Joyce, and me. Of course, we are now in the early stages of house breaking, but by reputation, the breed learns quickly so we shall see. If we can get past this stage, she can occupy a spot on our bed the way our Havanese does. Barb also carries confinement products that may be excellent for those wanting a pet, but will be gone for extensive periods. Barb has the pups trained to use a doggy sandbox so they will stay clean and have room to roam a bit. This may be a good investment for you to consider. We purchased one, but because we are retired, we are trying to move her to doing her potty outside rather than in the pen. We are only on day 2 so have had a few accidents, but she is starting to understand that outside = toilet. In short, our Coton is everything we had hoped…loving, playful and friendly. And, Barb is an excellent breeder selling this breed at very reasonable prices for AKC registered pets. Were we to lose another dog, Heartland would be our first stop. Reviewer: Ric and Joyce, July 16, 2014

Goldendoodle – Ripley We brought Ripley home at 8 weeks and she’s been nothing but a joy of bundle! At 4 months, I can say she’s house trained, kennel trained and walks on a leash! She knows all the basic commands and even plays fetch. We are working on catching a frisbee now. If you are interested in a smart, sweet and loving dog, I would highly recommend a goldendoodle and from Barb at Heartland Classics. Thanks Barb and staff for caring so much about your dogs…it really shows in their offspring! Be prepared to be stopped by everyone that sees your new puppy……goldendoodles are SO cute and people just automically want to pet and hold them. Ripley is a gorgeouse apricot colored pup and is going for her first puppy haircut this weekend. Reviewer: Heidi, July 16, 2014

So happy with our Irish Soft Coated Wheaten! We drove from Minnesota to Nebraska and picked up Shea (was DeeDee). She traveled back 6 hours in the car with us and was pleasant and easy going from the start. Potty trained so quickly, very little crying at night. She is so smart and attentive, full of love. Almost 10 months old and we love her! Wonderful healthy Wheaton! Reviewer: Maureen, July 12, 2014

We LOVE our teddy bear! Theo (Maddox) came to live with us two months ago. My husband gave him to me for my birthday, and he could not have been a better present! He has instantly become a part of family. Even our 10 year old cocker spaniel tolerates him. 🙂 We love his happy, go lucky personality and have spent so much time laughing at him while he plays. Theo is a great traveler and loves to tag along with us whenever we go somewhere. He is perfectly behaved and has adjusted so well to being potty-trained that we don’t even have to use his litter box anymore. He is quickly learning tricks and loves to fetch his toys. One can easily tell he was loved prior to being loved by us. He is happiest when he is around people, and we know the time your staff spent with him is what has made all the difference! People always ask where I got the cutest puppy they’ve ever seen, and I am happy to tell them it was only seven miles from house! Love shopping local, even if it is for a dog! Reviewer: Tara, June 26, 2014

Our Cavaton Puppy We saw his pre-arrival photos, which Heartland Classics sent regularly as promised and we knew he was cute. But, he is more than we expected. What a pretty little face he is and so sweet. He even sleeps through the night. I thought he might be scared from his long flight, but he came right out of his crate at the cargo office and was ready to be held and loved. He is just precious and more than we could have even anticipated. Heartland answered all my calls and emails and addressed my concerns. It has been a wonderful experience getting our little Cavaton puppy from Heartland. Reviewer: Jean, June 25, 2014

Our Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier After our Akita has passed away, I wasn’t sure I wanted another dog, but after a year the house was too quiet. We started looking for another dog to fill the void. Our Akita was wonderful but she was 100 lbs and shed her fur everywhere. This time around I was looking for a dog that did not shed and was way under 100 lbs. My daughter introduced me to the Wheaton Terriers a few years ago and I never forgot that cute little dog. I told my husband, to look into adopting a Wheaton. He is great with research so I let him try and find a breeder for us. We first tried to find one in Florida, but none were available at the time. He did some more research and found Heartland Classics. After a few emails and pictures, we were hooked. We adopted a little girl and named her Brooklyn. She came to us the first week in January 2013. What a wonderful experience. She only had two accidents and was house broken in no time. We have four grand- children ages 6, 4, 3 and 1. She is wonderful with them. She plays with them and gives them kisses. We also have horses and the first thing I did when she arrived home was to introduce her to her BIG friends. She took to them immediately. Nose to nose and even kisses my horse. We are teaching Brooklyn tricks. She catches on so quickly. She is a smart and gets along with any dog, big or small, she just them all. We are so happy that we found Heartland Classics and are extremely happy with Brooklyn. She has added so much to our family. Reviewer: Karen and Joe, June 11, 2014

My Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier I have just spent four fantastic weeks with my SCWT, Wylie. I kept her same name. Thanks to the good start at Heartland Classics, Wylie is a healthy happy growing puppy. I can’t thank Barb enough for her assistance. I read in AKC literature to trust your breeder and it is true. Barb knew I needed a special dog and she mad certain I knew Wylie was meant for me. She even let me get home from winter vacation and gave Wylie her first “puppy cut”. I would recommend any dog Barb suggests. She is great to work with, does what she says and down the road when Wylie needs a permanent playmate I know where to go for the next happy healthy well-adjusted puppy. Reviewer: Mike, May 29, 2014

Great, loving puppy We adopted a Soft-coated Irish Wheaten Terrier. He arrived healthy, vibrant and ready to learn about his world. It was completely obvious that he had a loving, healthy and proper environment during his formative, early weeks. Heartland Classics was recommended by a friend who had a similar wonderful experience. Barb was fantastic. She encourages self-education prior to the arrival of the puppy so we were well-equipped to welcome our new puppy. We are so completely happy with our new addition. We are a family who cares deeply about our furry friends and Heartland Classics demonstrates similar values. We are thankful for responsible, caring breeders. Thank you very much! Reviewer: Gabrielle, May 29, 2014

“Zeus” Our Coton de Tulear Zeus joined our family in March 2014 and has brought us loads of joy. Zeus is the perfect house companion. He only had about four accidents and that was in his first two weeks at home. He likes to go on short walks and he loves playing with his toys. We get lots of laughs from watching him play. He likes tug of war with his stuffed clown best. Zeus doesn’t bark unless someone comes to the door he is a very quiet dog. I would highly recommend a Coton de Tulear for anyone who is looking for a great low maintenance companion, they will give you snuggle time, play time, and they don’t need long walks to keep them healthy. We love our Zeus. Reviewer: Sherry, May 28, 2014

Koko- Miniture Poodle Koko is the first non-rescue pet I have ever had, and she is fabulous! From the moment we put her in the car it was obvious they did a great job at socializing her and teaching her her name. My cats love her so much they let her crawl all over them, and my poodle/Maltese mix plays with her right up until I have to put them down for bed. Best of all, my Vet is very happy with her medical status. She also told me Koko isn’t the first puppy she had from Heartland Classics and all of them have been healthy. Getting Koko was one of the best choices I have made. Reviewer: Laurie, May 26, 2014

Tuxedo the Teddy Bear Dear Barb and Heartland Classics, Just want to thank you for all you do. We are so impressed with how you place precious puppies in homes to succeed. As I introduce Tuxedo to other pet owners, they see how you helped me set up his environment to be healthy and happy. Your booklet was instrumental at doing this. Tux will have a different lifestyle because he will perform with me as an entertainer. His personality and bred characteristics are perfect for his life with us.  Thank you again, for all you do. Reviewer: Jane “Janie JellyBean” the clown, May 9, 2014

Kiva Dear Barb and everyone at Heartland Classics, We want to thank you so much for the wonderful addition to our family. When we picked her up at the airport and saw her adorable little face for the first time we were hooked! She has been to work at the vineyard with us the past two days and is already greeting customers and spreading the love. I feel so lucky that we found you and appreciate how professional you have been. We love our girl Kiva!  Thank you Reviewer: Lisa and Kent, May 5, 2014

Coton de Tulier/Cavaton I got my Coton from Heartland Classics about three years ago. I got a second dog last fall,a Cavaton. Both dogs are a riot. I have never had a dog prior to these dogs and both dogs are just amazing. From the time it got both of them they have been just amazing. Both of them are happy and healthy and just so much fun. Working with Barb is second to none. Both dogs have very affectionate personalities and have very good temperaments. Since getting my two dogs I have gotten a third dog, a Coton which I gave to my nephew and niece for Christmas. Two of my friends have also gotten three dogs, a Kavaton, a Wheaton Terrier and a Portugese Water Dog. My friends who have had previous dogs have said their dogs are just amazing as well. I would not think of getting a dog from anywhere else. I live in Omaha and have been to Heartland Classics facility in Lyons Nebraska and it is a world class dog breeding facility. For anyone thinking about making a purchase who lives out of town should know that these animals are well cared for from the time they are born and delivered. Barb does an excellent job of matching puppies with new homes. For anyone wanting a great dog but lives out of town there is nothing to worry about in working with Heartland Classics, it’s the best! We are very happy to have met Barb and we love our dogs. Barb is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. Reviewer: Jason, April 14, 2014

Best Choice Ever! I just had to write! My sweet, little boy has been home with us for 10 days and he is quickly becoming the best decision I have made in years! The short version of my story goes something like this: I am newly disabled and was placed on a waiting list to receive a service dog. Meanwhile, I have grown weaker from the neuromuscular disease I have and am no longer able to attend the required 2 weeks of training at the out-of-town location for the service dog. My husband was anxious for me to have a companion and asked me to find an ‘alternative’ that I could have immediately. How could I refuse that offer!?! Being acquainted with the Coton De Tulear breed through a girlfriend, I began to search out breeders. I came upon Heartland Classics puppies on puppyfind and inquired about two of the puppies I saw there. In her very first correspondence to me, Barb sent me a very detailed email about both puppies and their parents, the breed, the veterinarian visits, her family-run breeding business, her love of the dogs, reference materials about the Coton, grooming, care, differences in gender, registration, etc. I appreciated her knowledge of both puppies I had asked about because it helped me make the decision as to which one would be the better fit for us. She knew her puppies and she knows the breed! By the way, my parents are adopting the other little guy! It’s a win-win for everyone!! I LOVE my friend’s Coton and knew him to be standard for the breed, but I did my homework anyway. Sure enough, they are everything I was looking for in my new bff. My Jimmy is no exception! When I first saw him at the airport, it was obvious he had been well taken care of. He’s a robust, happy, healthy little guy with lots of puppy kisses for us! My veterinarian said he is in perfect health and was delighted with all the paperwork Barb included. He approved of the diet she had him on and didn’t change a thing! He is an amazing addition to our household and became attached to me in the first 24 hours! (He’s also doing great with our 2 cats!) I had never purchased a pet via the internet before, sight unseen; nor paid for one via Paypal before, nor had it shipped via Delta airlines before! But you know what? I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, not from Heartland Classics and Barb Lierman! I’m thinking this was the best choice ever! Reviewer: Ann, April 6, 2014