SPINZ Dog Bones

SPINZ Dog Bones

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Flavorful, gluten-free dog chews pets find irresistible
Center swivels to provide twisting action dogs love
Hard, irregular textures clean teeth

Swivel-style design gives these interactive dog chews a fling-able, twisting challenge your dog will love. Spinz 100% Edible Chew Toys for dogs feature two irregular-shaped legs that are joined in a swivel-like center. Go ahead and swing, fling, or launch them for your pet. Spinz Toys deliver a delicious treat that creates interesting motion to occupy and entertain your dog while also testing coordination and problem solving. Spinz provide a healthy challenge for both mind and body. Each is made with a gluten-free corn and potato starch base, with rich natural flavors and salmon oil. The hard, irregular outer textures help clean your dog's teeth and added parsley helps freshen breath.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium or Large

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