Best puppy EVER!

My SCWT from Heartland arrived by plane almost a week ago. My review isn't going to focus on how precious Abby is. She's ADORABLE; simply the cutest puppy that ever was. She's a sweet, rambunctious little fur ball who's clearly as smart as a whip...she's already training to her puddle pads..seriously! She's friendly, confident, curious, eager to please, and hilarious to watch. What I want to particularly talk about is Heartland Classics. I was beyond skeptical about buying my puppy online, but SCWTs are hard to find so I decided to contact Barb and ask some very hard questions. I had done my reading regarding online puppy mills and had serious concerns about buying a pup sight unseen, plus Barb sells more than just one breed...apparently another potential red flag. I had a number of conversations with Barb; she was able to answer my questions to my satisfaction...but that wasn't ultimately enough for my skepticism- the proof is in the pudding, right? Throughout the process of buying Abby and now after spending time with her it's clear that puppies at Heartland are extremely well taken care physically and emotionally. Barb's care in providing written guidance as well as flight info, the crate top notch and demonstrates the care Heartland puts into their puppies; it's certainly no puppy mill. Spend some time on their site reading all the resources and ask Barb questions. From my experience these are good people who breed wonderful dogs. I couldn't be more pleased!

- Barbara Francis

What Our Clients are Saying!

we got a little coton, and he is the absolute best. Crazy, spunky little guy and I couldn't ask for a better dog.

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My husband and I got married in August 2015 and with money that we got for the wedding we decided that we were going to extend our family by four paws. We did a lot of research and decided that a...

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We adopted a Cavalier King Charles 2 months ago. We named her Nala. I highly recommend Heartland Classics. Barb is very caring. I love getting pictures of Nala every 2 weeks since she was 3 days old....

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I bought Davis a Wheaten. I didnt get him yet but I've seen pictures and I love him already!!! Thank you so much Barb

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I can only rave about my experience with Heartland Classics. We brought our Miss Mercedes home last week. I couldn't ask for a better puppy. She is already paper trained and sleeps thru the night....

Roxanna Graham | Read More

My husband and I were hesitant about searching for a dog online based on the fact that you can't meet the dog in person but after emailing back and forth with Barb and reading all of the wonderful...

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