We found out about Heartland Classics on a trip to Chicago, where we bumped into a dog and her owner. The dog, an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, had a wonderful temperament, and the owner told us she had gotten the dog from Heartland Classics. We contacted Barb, and arranged a visit. Barb did not know which puppies we would want to see, and all of the puppies we asked to see were clean and, of course, adorable. After spending over an hour, visiting with the puppies, and talking to Barb, we settled on "Freddy" (Max, now). We received new photos every two weeks, until he was ready to leave. We asked to see his parents when we came to pick him up, and Barb said, of course. We did see the parents, Gil and Felix, who were quite active in the yard. We spent more time with Barb and "Freddy," and Barb patiently answered all of our questions and gave us great advice. We have now had our Irish Wheaten, Max, for two weeks. Our vet said he was perfectly healthy. Barb and her team did a great job in socializing him: he responds well to people and other dogs, and is very willing to be touched and handled on all parts of his body. He is very smart, very sweet, and a great companion. Thank you for, Barb, for being the "human" source of our wonderful dog.

- Mary Jo Shaney

What Our Clients are Saying!

We brought home our Shih Tzu/Coton du Tulears, Cubby, more than a year ago. He's a beautiful dog who has been a great addition to our family. Social and energetic, sweet and cuddly. We love him so...

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I wanted to give Barb and Heartland Classics a huge thank you. Our SCWT Logan (Monte) is an amazing dog. We got him for our daughter's 16th birthday gift and we are all so in love him. We got him in...

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We got our SCWT puppy, Tilly, from Heartland Classics almost a month ago. She is just beautiful and so smart! I was so happy with every part of our experience with Barb. She was beyond thorough,...

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We purchased TJ (Logan) last March. He is a total joy. He and our older Havanese play well together. TJ was almost house broken before we picked him up. I’d buy another dog from them in an instant!

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I have just spent four fantastic weeks with my SCWT, Wylie. I kept her same name. Thanks to the good start at Heartland Classics, Wylie is a healthy happy growing puppy. I can't thank Barb enough for...

Mike Jacobs | Read More

We love our new puppy Rosie. You have the best puppies.

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