Puppy Starter Kit

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Puppy Starter Package

  • *Fromm Puppy Food
  • (5# bag Correct formula for size/age of your new puppy)
  • *Tropiclean Gentle Puppy Shampoo (20 ounce will not wash out flea and tick treatment, soapfree, hypoallergenic, tearless)
  • *Baby Blanket (baby blue or baby pink)
  • *Harness (black, red, royal blue, hunter green, yellow, orange, baby pink, purple)
  • *Leash (to coordinate with the harness)
  • *Brush
  • *Comb
  • *Two toys
  • *Chew Bone
  • *Rope Bone
  • *Tennis Ball
  • *Treat Sample in bone bag